The Kobo eReader

So, I won’t be posting everyday, but whenever I get chance hehe.

Well, recently I decided to spoil myself. I love to read, and buying so many books fills up shelf space fast. So I decided to get an eReader. I always order my books from Chapters, so I got their Kobo eReader.

I chose the Pearlized Lilac colour, since purple is my favourite, and I also got a case for it, real leather, purple, and in the shape of an envelope.

The pros of this eReader are awesome, not only does it save me a ton of space, but it included 100 free classic books when I got it, 20% off my first book, and every once in a while, I get email updates, with coupons and the new releases. It has the capability for WiFi, but I haven’t put my credit card on it, since I can easily use my computer and my Kobo account to get books.

The screen reads just like a book, no back-light to hurt my eyes at all, and there’s like 5 different sizes of fonts, for different people’s comforts. I find I even read through it faster than a normal book, and it turns to the next page pretty fast. The padding on the back of it is nice and comfy on my hand when I read for a long time.

The cons, are pretty small so far actually. The books that you purchase and add to your Kobo account online, must stay in the Library. I found out the hard way, I deleted them, then updates my eReader and they were gone, but I got them back no problem. But I don’t really mind leaving it in my Library online, as I also have a list of books I want to get, and the “purchase now” button goes away after you buy a book, so no confusion.

Aside from that, that’s the only complaint I had. The price is pretty good, I got mine before it went on sale though haha, and you can expand the memory for all your books with an SD card. I have a 4GB in there right now, so I think I can get around 5000 (give or take) books at the moment.

So, the Kobo eReader is one of my best purchases I think, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves to read, but doesn’t have a wall full of shelves.

If you got one, let me know what you think of it!


2014 Update: I found A LOT more wrong with these stupid devices. The one above died on a white screen a while back, so I got the Touch version. I’m on my second one now and it crashes constantly, I had to get it replaced by Kobo, and now the new one they gave me is doing EXACTLY the same thing. Turning pages is hard and so many other little glitches are so annoying. I bought a Kindle and it’s way easier to read from so Kobo is probably not getting more money from me anytime in the future. 


5 comments on “The Kobo eReader

  1. Congrats on your Kobo! The lilac is so pretty. The screen sounds similar to a kindle which is also very pleasant to read on. Ebooks are so convenient – but it’s also dangerous to be able to buy books at the push of a button! It’s nice to have access to all those classic books too.
    Happy reading!

    • Thanks, yeah I love it. Since the books are also cheaper, I have to control myself and make sure I don’t go on a spending spree haha.

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