November Updates

It’s been a while since my last general update, so here it is!

Blogging updates:

I have joined a bunch of memes for books lately, and at the moment I have a couple going, which is awesome because they’re fun, but also gives me something to blog about. Here’s the one’s I’ve started recently, and will try to keep up with every week:

TuesdayTop Ten Tuesday

WednesdayWaiting on Wednesday

SaturdayOn My Wishlist (starting it this week)

SundayIn My Mailbox (starting it this week)

On Monday’s I post a blog as to what books I’ve read that week, and are planning to next, called Reads of the week. It’s not a meme or anything, just a way for me to keep track how much I’m reading, and make sure I have new ones lined up next.

As for book reviews, I only do them for fun, when I have time and want to share what I think about a book I’ve just read. I only have done a few so far, and am still getting the hang of it (I was bad at book reports when I was in school, so trying to get better at saying what I think). I’m hoping to add more in the future though.

Life Updates:

Well, this weekend I’m going out of town to see my boyfriend, since he’s been gone for quite a while and just got back recently. Our 2 year anniversary was in October, and we celebrated a little bit before he left at the end of September, but we are going to do the second half this weekend! Which is exciting, because he’s treating me to a fancy dinner somewhere, which he’s keeping a surprise.

Aside from reading I have started gaming a lot this past week. I finally defeated the end boss in Dragon Quest 9, and I’m getting started on the 120+ side quests. Yeah, that’s a lot lol. I still have to download a few from WiFi, but I’m planning on getting everything eventually, which I know will take forever, but I don’t mind.


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