Getting busier these days

I have definitely been busy the past week, and haven’t been on here as much. I expect that to happen more the closer it gets to Christmas. Good news is I have the entire Christmas break off of work! I will be out of town most of it though, but at least I get to see Joe.

Speaking of Joe, this past weekend I got a surprise visit from him before he left for a job for 3 weeks. I won’t be seeing him until Christmas, but I don’t mind, more money in our pockets! And we’re planning on moving soon! I want to stay in the same city and keep my job, so we have been checking out apartments in the area. I have to wait until next week, the beginning of December to see if any are available, with the whole 60 days notice thing for moving out. But it’s definitely going to be fun, getting our first place together.

In reading news, it’s been slow, I’ve been busy helping my grandmother move among other things, but at least I have a good list of books to read when I can.

I also bought myself a Wii, been wanting to for quite a while, and my mom even plays it too . And of course I got myself a pink controller hehe. So far we only have Super Mario Galaxy and the Wii sports games, but it’s fun! So I bet that will also be taking up more of my time too, in a good way.

I know I don’t write a whole ton of reviews on this blog, but I enjoy reading and sharing what I can about those books. There are tons of book bloggers out there, so I think my blog will just be the occasional review for fun, as well as the memes I’m doing now, and any other news in my life that I want to share 🙂

Thanks to all those who read my blogs and leave me comments! You make me feel special.


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