TGIF (4)-Buy or Borrow

TGIF is a weekly feature every Friday hosted by Ginger at GReads, to re-cap the week’s posts, and answer a question of the week. Feel free to join!

This Week’s question: Buy or Borrow: Where do your books that you read come from? The bookstore? The library? Do you prefer to own a book, or have it on loan?

I don’t realy have any friends that live near me that I can swap books with, or at least not until my cousin comes here for College. So I mostly rely on buying books, or the library. Mostly buying though.

I tend to like to own the books I read, which sucks because I really need to not buy any for a while, and start saving for my wedding next year, as well as the new car we just got. I also have no shelf space at the moment, I only have a small bookshelf in my room.

Only problem is the library takes forever to get me books, and I prefer renting the digital editions for my Kobo, saves me a bus trip to get there. Been on the waiting list for a few books about week now. But for the rest of the year, I must make sure to borrow from the library, and be a good girl!

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6 comments on “TGIF (4)-Buy or Borrow

  1. I don’t have any friends close by who I can swap books with either, but a few months ago, I started swapping books with a bunch of friends on Goodreads and now I’m a swapping addict (in addition to being a book buying addict).

    • Nice! Most of my friends don’t really read much, and I haven’t seen them a lot lately. I’ll consider the library my new friend 🙂 lol

    • Haha I can understand that, there’s just something to actually holding a book that you know is yours, and borrowing one only to give it back. But the money saving is a good reason to switch!

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