TGIF (8)-Required Reading

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This Week’s question: Required Reading: Which book from your school days do you remember reading & enjoying? Is there a book published now that you’d like to see in today’s curriculum for kids?

I remember back in school, I actually didn’t like to read. Something about the fact that they were forcing me to. I prefer to do it on my own time, which is probably why now I love it.

There were some good books that I had to read back then, one being Shakespeare’s Macbeth. It’s the one I remember the most and really enjoyed. The reason for that is the teacher made it a lot of fun.

What we had to do while we read, was think of something creative to show the story to others, be it a scene in a shoebox, some form of art and so on. I made a comic strip for each of the acts, and I still have them to this day.  All hand done, and laminated. They got perfect marks, and apparently everyone thought they were hilarious (I based my characters on my friends). Students, in my opinion, need to be doing something that has a little fun added, not the same “read this book and answer questions”.

As for books in the curriculum, they definitely need to be more modern so the kids can relate to them, but something also written well and won’t bore them.

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6 comments on “TGIF (8)-Required Reading

  1. You make such a great point about modernizing the reading in school. I hadn’t really thought about it, but EVERYTHING we read was written back when my parents were kids – or long before that. I remember receiving my school copy of the Iliad and just groaning. Seriously – I’d rather read a biology text book!

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    • Yes, I think that’s one of the reasons kids don’t want to read. They need something new that they can relate to more. Some classics are okay, but not constantly.

    • I never had to read that book, but there were a few books that I had to read a few times throughout high school, it’s as if they wanted to torture us longer lol. Teachers need to be more creative and fun thinking 🙂

  2. I’m a teen and I think for the most part my english teachers pick some modern books, just not always modern books that appeal to teens. But I agree with your point about needing more modern books in required reading.

  3. I love the fact that, apart from reading the books, you were invited to creatively express your understanding/interpretation of them creatively. Melding the creative act with other, more serious things (like reading classics) often results in a great compromise and a good response, I’d think.

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