Reading Challenge Updates-February

So every few months I will post some updates for the challenges I’m doing. This will also help me remember which ones I need to work on next.

Goal: 100 Books

Progress: 19 (Full List)

That’s pretty good so far! According to Goodreads I’m 3 books ahead in my goals. 🙂

Goal: One Chomp-6 books

Progress: 1 (Full List)

I’m a little bit behind in this one, but I do have a bunch of books lined up for this year, and since I’m only aiming for 6 I think I can surpass it for sure.

Goal: Level 2, 24 Library Books

Progress: 7 (Full List)

I’m definitely doing well on this one, since all of these books are from this month alone, and the waiting lists just seem to be going by fast lately. I love my library ❤

This challenge is to complete all the books in the series so far, in time for the new one coming out this summer. There are 5 total, and 3 novellas.


My Soul To Lose-Novella prequel (Done)

My Soul to Take-#1 (Done)

My Soul to Save-#2 (Done)

My Soul to Keep-#3

Reaper-#3.5 Novella

My Soul to Steal-#4

If I Die-#5

Never to Sleep- #5.5 Novella


One comment on “Reading Challenge Updates-February

  1. Great job on your reading goals so far! I should join the library challenge – I’ve been a good library patron lately 🙂
    Looking forward to getting some good zombie recs from you.

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