TGIF (10)-Bookish Trends

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This Week’s question: Bookish Trends: What are some bookish trends you are noticing in the literature world today? Is there a particular trend you’d like to see more of?

I tend to read mostly YA books, and I noticed that the selection keeps expanding. Back when my mom was younger, she said there were very few books about strong females. These days there are a lot, and more keep getting written all the time.

I love being able to read the different expanding genres, and definitely think there should be more Fantasy, Dystopian, Paranormal and of course Contemporary. Kids these days are so lucky to have a huge selection! (I know I’m not that old, but they still have more awesome books for when they grow up.)

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3 comments on “TGIF (10)-Bookish Trends

  1. I am definitely a fan of the dystopian genre. I think there’s just so much possibility for an author to address important concepts or even character traits in a dystopian than there is in something like paranormal romance (no offense to fans!). And someone else said there’s been a recent trend toward books about the military in YA contemporary, which I think is great.

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