Review: Riven by Carol Anne Biddle

Title: Riven

Author: Carol Anne Biddle

Release Date: 2011

Published by: Cranberry Tree Press

Read: April 22nd, 2012

Pages: 413-Paperback


Step One: Go to a coffee shop with your murderer. Discuss the details of your imminent death.

Step Two: Meet your murderer at 6:45 on Friday night.

Step Three: Drive together to an old, abandoned cabin in the middle of the woods.

Step Four: Pray that the boy you love and your two best friends don’t find out what you have decided to do until it is too late for them to try to stop you.

Step Five: Die at the hands of Dark Magic. Again…

What I thought:

Ophelia, or “Phe”, has just moved with her family from the big city of  Toronto to the quieter Collingwood. The moment she arrives, she starts having strange dreams. In the dreams she is in a forest, drawn to someone, and instantly she knows that she’s in love with him. When she’s awake, all she can do is doodle trees in her notebook, reminding her of the forest she sees, wanting to be with him.

When her friend convinces her to go to a log cabin for the senior class party, she is instantly drawn to a tree in the corner, where the very same boy from her dreams is standing. After being distracted, he disappears, but she eventually goes back to that spot, and meets him. His name is Hayden, and according to him, they’ve met long ago. Phe can’t remember any of this, so he explains that she’s been reincarnated, and he risked a lot to be able to see her again. The only problem, is that an evil force dealing with black magic wants her dead, to finish a ritual started back in ancient times. Now it’s a matter of who she can trust, who is involved in this, and what she can do to stop it from happening, while saving those she cares about.

One thing I loved about this book, aside from being written by a Canadian author, is that fact that it’s set in Canada too! I like being able to know where the cities are the are mentioned, most books are written in the US and I don’t know as much about the places there.

The characters were fun to read about, the love between Phe and Haydan was so beautiful, I felt like I could feel their emotions so well the way it was written. Phe herself went from being regular, to feeling so much love for others and being as strong as she could near the end of the book.

The story was very good too, Haydan definitely had a more classy way of speaking, which fit well since he was quite old, I’m glad it wasn’t modernized like I was worried it would be. Her friends trying to help her, figuring out who was wanting her dead, and what Phe decided to do about it made this story very unique in my mind, and definitely something that needs to be read. And the ending was so good!

At this moment, it’s available in Windsor Ontario at the Chapters and Indigo in Lakeshore, and will be on the author’s website soon. But do not fear, I will be holding a giveaway for some of these books in the near future! So keep an eye on the blog for that.

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8 comments on “Review: Riven by Carol Anne Biddle

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  2. To whomever is spamming this post with comments, please STOP. I can understand if you want to promote the author/book, but this is the wrong way of doing it.

  3. I agree completely! After reading Riven, I can honestly say I was in love with the love between Hayden and Phe. It was so well written , it kept my attention from begging to end! I couldn’t put it down! So excited for upcoming books by Carol Anne Biddle!

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  5. Wow, I haven’t heard of this book before now, but it sounds *very* interesting. As a fellow Canadian and Ontarian I’m also excited for it to be set in Canada 🙂 Great review & I’ll definitely be adding this book to my Goodreads shelf!

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