One Year Blogaversary-Guest Posts

I have been gathering some great bloggers to host guest posts on my blog for the month! Below are when all of the posts are scheduled for so you can keep an eye out for them, and I will add the links as soon as they go up so you can read any you may have forgotten. There are still more to come, these are just the ones I have gotten back so far.

August 3rd: Eileen @ Singing and Reading in the RainThe Art of Book Blogging

August 7th: Kristilyn @ Reading in WinterBooks in Music | Music in Books

August 10th: Jennifer @ Reading En VogueMy Writing Journey: Fact or Crap?

August 14th: Danie @ BooktacularBeing Married to a Non-Reader

August 21st: Jo @ Urban FangtasyParting is Such Sweet Sorrow…

If anyone is interested in adding a post to the blog, there is still lots of room, just let me know!


6 comments on “One Year Blogaversary-Guest Posts

  1. Oo, I’m super excited about “Being Married to a Non-Reader” since my s.o. is also a non-reader and just sort of chuckles at me and goes to work on his car when I pull out a book! He’s been really sweet and supportive of my blog though, and even tried to leave a comment once (though apparently it didn’t quite work, haha).

    • I know the feeling, my fiance is the same way, but I’ve gotten him into reading more and it’s awesome 🙂 I hope you enjoy it when it posts!

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