Guest Post:The Art of Book Blogging by Eileen

The Art of Book Blogging

Written by Eileen @ Singing and Reading in the Rain

We’re all a really interesting bunch aren’t we? Think about it for a second. We’re kind of like a social hierarchy. There are the “senior blogs” that have been around for years, “freshman blogs” that just came into existence, popular blogs, moderately popular blogs, and blogs that haven’t gotten their chance to shine. But that’s really not the point, right? When Kelsey asked me to guest post for her on her blog (Thank you, by the way, for putting up with my crazy for one day :P) the first thing I thought was “I really want to be able to inspire some people with my guest post.” I may be taking this way too seriously, but it’s an awesome blogger’s blogoversary, and I didn’t want to put a damper on things by telling you all “You will never make it as a blogger.” Which, obviously, is not true because I think that every last person who is reading this guest post has something special that nobody else has that they can share with the blogosphere and let it thrive.

I remember, when I first started blogging—and don’t you dare look at my blog archives to see those first few months—I was such a fish out of water. I had no idea what I was going to bring to that huge table that is book blogging, I had no idea how I was going to be able to help anybody, and most importantly, I had no idea how to be me on my blog. I still don’t know how to fully be the crazy Eileen you might see on Twitter or during a video on my blog. Book blogging—and I bet Kelsey can vouch for me—is actually really hard sometimes. It takes dedication and time. And the book blogosphere is so competitive. It’s kind of like we’re in a marathon, and you’re chasing this one blog who has just a touch more followers than you, and then you’ve surpassed them, but now you have so many other competitors to face.

But why are we so competitive sometimes? Why am I really jealous of the next blog over with a hundred more followers than me? I really don’t know why I am. I don’t really know why anyone should be jealous of any other blog. We all started out the same: a small blog trying extremely hard to get noticed. Those small blogs are all going to grow up, no matter how slowly or quickly. Our blogs are like our virtual kids, and every kid will grow up. Every kid is going to go through its ups and downs before they finally settle down and finds their place. Only this time, we get to be in control of that. A blog is basically a place to share your love of something. In this case, it’s books. But it doesn’t matter if your blog is about books or nail polish—every blog has a voice. Every blog, no matter how big or small, is special.

So I guess, the point of this extremely long-winded post was to stop being insecure. To believe in your blog. Not once, in a thousand years, could I have wished to have a different blog. I may have had my ups and downs, I may have made some mistakes concerning my blog, but I love it. I’ve raised my blog and I’ve let it become this amazing place where I can tell the world who I am, since they wouldn’t have been able to see me where I live now. Every blog should have that chance to shine. Every blog will, if their owners have some faith in that beautiful creation they’ve made. I honestly don’t think that the blogosphere would be the same without every blogger in it, and if you honestly believe in yourself and what you’ve done with your blog, you’re going to make a huge difference one day. You most certainly will.

– – – –

SRRainHi, my name is Eileen and I’m 13-years-old! I’m a super bubbly girl and I’m just a tiny bit crazy. Like an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. I also have a mild case of OCD, which you can probably see if you look closely. I like to read, sing, and blog! I read really fast, and I read basically anything Young Adult that strikes my fancy. 🙂 I want to be a famous singer more than anything in the entire world, and my idol is Taylor Swift. I write songs as often as possible, and I play piano in my spare time. If you want to know more about me, visit my blog, ***Singing and Reading in the Rain***! Thanks for reading!

5 comments on “Guest Post:The Art of Book Blogging by Eileen

  1. Awesome guest post! I can definitely relate to ‘being a fish out of water’, I still feel like that sometimes with my blog. Hopefully it doesn’t show haha.

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