Guest Post: Being Married to a Non-Reader by Danie

Being Married to a Non-Reader

Written by Danie @ Booktacular

When I first started dating my now-husband, I never really considered marrying him. He wasn’t a reader, and I had no idea how I could live with someone for the rest of my life if they hadn’t even read Harry Potter. Okay, that bit is an exaggeration – he’s read Harry Potter, but that’s about it. 
“You’ve never read The Hunger Games?”
“…Lord of the Rings?” (to be fair, I still haven’t read this either – I KNOW! – but it’s a guy-ish book, so I figured maybe…)
“the Gone series?”
“Yeah, I’ve never even heard of that…”
“We can’t be friends.”
But, somewhere along the way, I fell in love and all that mushy gushy stuff. Two and a half years later, we’re married, with bookshelves lining our living room walls. Yep, I did it. I married a non-reader.
My husband is great. He sits and listens to me when I finish a book and need to rant and/or rave about it for a little while. He puts up with the weekly trips to Barnes and Noble, and the almost-daily trips to the library. He supports my blogging, reads my reviews, and just grins and bears it when I’m jumping up and down because a new book that I’ve been anxiously waiting for comes out. 
And the best thing about being married to a non-reader? Getting to experience the “first time” feeling all over again when I finally convince him to read a book that I love. For example, The Hunger Games. 
After hearing me talk about it with my brother and sister for months, and me counting down days until the movie came out, he quietly said to me, “I know you’re going to get way too excited for this, but do you mind if I read your copy of The Hunger Games?”
My jaw dropped.
He read it in about three days, even giving up time to watch TV and play X-box so he could find out what happens next with Katniss. Every so often he would turn to me and say “what is happening right now, what is this craziness!?” I would just smile and tell him to keep going. About 20 pages before he had finished, he came into the living room.
Him : “We need to go to Walmart right now.”
Me : *checks phone* “Mike, it’s 11:30 at night. No.”
Him : “I’m almost done with this…” *waves book around* “…and if I don’t find out what happens next, I’m not going to be able to sleep.” 
(My brother had my copy of Catching Fire.)
Since then, my non-reader husband has slowly turned into a reader. He’s on Goodreads quite a bit, has a whole shelf to himself on one of my many bookshelves. He just finished Rot & Ruin, and requested the second in the series, Dust & Decay. He doesn’t read as much as I do, but just the fact that he does, is amazing. 
Do you have a non-reader in your life? How have you dealt with it, and has your reading sparked a love of books in them?
– – – – –
Well hi there! I’m Danie. I’m 22, married to my wonderful amazing husband, Mike. Born in PA, raised in NY, currently living in Oklahoma City. I’m also, obviously, a book addict. I have four bookshelves, all packed with books, and I’m constantly taking out the max from the library. I read mostly YA, but there’s a lot of crime/thrillers thrown in there as well. I can’t choose a favorite book of all time, I love too many and it just wouldn’t seem fair.
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9 comments on “Guest Post: Being Married to a Non-Reader by Danie

  1. Awesome post! I was thinking that this post was going to be about coping, not corrupting! This was so much better ;-). I’m dating a non-reader and planning to marry the silly guy in a couple of years here. I completely surprised me the other day when he told me he tried to comment on my blog! Such a sweetheart and very much doesn’t mind if I read while he cruises around or works on his car. He is still at the smile and nodding stage when I squee over books, but your story has made me hopeful! Maybe I’ll corrupt him eventually too…. >.>

    • Corrupting is always better, lol. Be hopeful! I never thought he’d read, but he’s been doing it all the time now. The trick is finding something he’ll like. Mike (husband) loves video games and there’s whole series of books devoted to Halo and Gears of War. He’s also a big Star Wars fan, and there’s something like 150+ Star Wars books. He’ll read those, no problem. I can’t get through one of them to save my life, but hey, a book is a book, and if he’s reading, I’m happy.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Thanks for posting this Danie! I got my fiance into reading by telling him he would like the Hunger Games! He did of course, and now he’s slowly getting into reading, I just got him recently to sign up for Goodreads as well 🙂 He doesn’t mind my growing collection, and it makes me happy that he can enjoy books with me too.

    • The day I finally convinced Mike to sign up for Goodreads was a happy day. Of course, every once in a while, he looks at my shelf of books I’ve read in 2012 so far and says something along the lines of “how is it possible that you’ve read 7 times the amount of books I’ve read?” And then he proceeds to go through my “own” shelf and says “you’re supposed to be on a book buying ban, and I wasn’t with you when you bought this. Or this. Or this….” And then he quickly realizes I’ve been hiding my book purchases from him, hahah. So be prepared!

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  4. Great post! My husband isn’t a reader, BUT I wasn’t a crazy reader when we me, either. It wasn’t until at least 5 years into our relationship that I really started reading. And now — I’m a crazy reading person! Still, we get along. He likes movies and I like books. Let’s just say, when hockey season comes around (which lasts FOREVER in Canada), I never complain when a game comes on — more time for me to read!

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  6. Great post! My husband is not a reader. He tells me that he doesn’t have a picture going through his head when he reads. It is just words on a page. That would certainly make reading not fun AT ALL. He’s been trying to read The Hunger Games….I think he made it to chapter eight; which is great for him. 🙂

    Like Kristilyn, my husband plays video games or watches TV. I sit on the couch next to him and read. It works.

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