One Year Blogaversary Giveaway-Winners and more

Alright, as you know we had 4 prizes available, 2 from me and 2 donated by Lisa. Below are the winners, who have been emailed!

Also, I had another small giveaway for the guest posters who helped me out, to that winner (below) they get a book of their choice too!


And for the guests who helped me with their posts, the winner was:

Danie at Booktacular!

Awesome entries:

Lili: I would bring 2 Carvel cakes. I know this sounds weird, but let me explain. We have a tradition in my house where my best friend has to put on one of my dads old t-shirts and shove her face in a cake. (seriously, I’m 17 and it’s been that way since I was 3. SHE DOES IT EVERY YEAR!) So, I have a cake for your best friend to give you ever lasting memories and a cake for everyone to eat! haha

That sounds like so much fun! Definitely room at my party for that.

Kristilyn: You mean I can’t say ALL THE NAKED MEN? 🙂

In that case, I would bring cupcakes because I make AWESOME cupcakes! And the tunes! I love good tunes!

Lol well you did say it anyway, but you can bring the cupcakes, and if you want you can decorate them with naked men just for you and Amanda.

SweetMarie83: I love how you added ‘keep it clean’ lol. I’d bring this dip I make that’s a cross between guacamole and bruschetta that my whole family loves, plus a big bag of nachos…and maybe a ‘bouquet’ of books for the hostess? 😉

I am emailing you for this recipe, it sounds awesome!

A huge thank you to everyone who entered, participated and all around just had fun! Here’s hoping the next year will be even better!


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