Showcase Sunday (17)

This is hosted by Books, Biscuits, and Tea and is meant to help us show off what books we receive during the week, no matter how we got them (library, review, bought).


  • Half-Blood by Jennier L. Armentrout- Finally got the first one! Funny thing is it actually came in later in the evening on the same day I checked out the second book!
  • The New Dead: A Zombie Anthology by Many Authors- Joe actually picked this book up, and before he could put it back I grabbed it. Not only is it Zombies, but there’s some awesome authors in there!

Bought (pre-ordered):

Leave your link to your post below and I will check it out, or just comment with what you got this week!

16 comments on “Showcase Sunday (17)

  1. All your books look great! I’ve only read the Lux books by Armentrout and should get on reading the Covenant series. My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century looks so fun too! Enjoy 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century! I hope you like it. Obsidian, I have yet to read! But I hear it’s about hot aliens lol

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