Review: I Am Me by Ram Sundaram

Title: I Am Me

Author: Ram Sundaram

Release Date: December 22nd 2011

Published by:

Read: August 10th 2012

Pages: 276-Paperback


Everyone in this world faces choices every day. In ten pairs of short stories, Ram Sundaram depicts each tale in two distinct ways, offering readers a duo of choices-to reside exclusively in a realistic world or to indulge in the realms of fantasy. As Sundaram examines different stages of life-from birth to death and beyond-through the lenses of fact and fiction, he incorporates romance, humor, horror, and fantasy in an effort to portray the duality of existence.

Sundaram introduces an eclectic group of characters. In Ishvar’s world, faith and hope are best friends, but when that world suddenly shatters, Ishvar begins running from his memories. A lonely boy who stammers and believes his older brother would never hurt him finally discovers the true meaning of friendship in a girl named Emma. Two birds named Max and Macs are born in the same apple tree. As the birds battle over what each thinks is his territory on a branch, they soon discover that their differences are what will bring them together.

“I Am Me” is an inspiring collection of short stories that encourages others to dream, imagine, and ponder their own worlds through two lenses.

What I thought:

First I’d like to thank the author for sending me a copy!

This book is definitely different than anything I have read before. It’s divided into two sides, one called Dreamless (the more realistic side), and the other the Dreamer. It’s all short stories, and I’m not going to talk about each individual one since there are technically twenty, but instead I’ll talk briefly of each side of the book.

I started on the Dreamless side, where reality seems to be with every story. The stories themselves were very good and well written, all of course dealing the different themes of life as mentioned in the description above (birth, love,death). They also seemed almost a bit sad to me. There was the mention of not having any imagination and wanting to dream, which had me wanting to switch to the other side of the book right away to see what happened there. But I was good and I waited! One of the first stories actually had me cry at the end (Fifty Cents, and no not the singer).

Next came the Dreamer side. The stories are similar, but also different. For instance, one story in the Dreamless side dealt with a boy who was slow and never really had anyone there for him and he learned the price of friendship. On the dreamer side, this same take on friendship was different, telling how two people met over different lives and somehow always met each other, but still with the price of friendship was with them in their lives. The Dreamer side was my favourite, the imagination and creativity compared to reality just stuck with me more.

I think that each person reading this will see it in a different way, so don’t go into it expecting to feel the same as me. I liked the book, it was different from what I normally read but the little break was nice. If you like short stories and just the fun of reading them, or want something to think about and compare, definitely pick this book up!


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