Showcase Sunday (18)

This is hosted by Books, Biscuits, and Tea and is meant to help us show off what books we receive during the week, no matter how we got them (library, review, bought).


I know I have been saving my money, but I have been doing so good lately, and the books I bought this week were cheap, and I really wanted them too. Also I asked my fiance and he said it was ok 🙂 Kobo finally had decent prices!

  • The Last Bastion of the Living by Rhiannon Frater
  • Pretty When She Dies by Rhiannon Frater- I had a free version of this for Kindle from before, but I don’t like reading books on my computer, so I got a version I can put on the Kobo.
  • Pretty When She Kills by Rhiannon Frater

Leave your link to your post below and I will check it out, or just comment with what you got this week!


22 comments on “Showcase Sunday (18)

    • When I saw them, I just had to get them, especially since they were a good price.
      We are both trying to save up money, and I know if I didn’t have some sort of restriction I’d be buying way more books, and I still have my own to get through lol.

  1. I also dislike reading books on my computer. It’s really wonderful that you find great deals on Kobo. I haven’t read any of Rhiannon Frater’s work – so I’ll be looking out for your reviews. Have a prosperous and productive week!

  2. I have a Rhiannon Frater book on my shelf, but I don’t think it’s any of these. I need to read it, though…I effing love zombie books! 😀 (I also don’t like reading books on my computer…too hard to get comfy. :P)

  3. Pretty When She Dies looks interesting. I was going to get it myself, but haven’t as of yet.

    Hope you enjoy your reading. 🙂

  4. Sorry this is a little late, but–ooh, I’ve been wanting to read Rhiannon Frater’s novels for a long time! I mean, who can say no to zombie books, right? Plus, I’ve heard such great things about them. Can’t wait to hear what you think of these! 🙂

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