Random Bookish Stuff: How I got my Fiance to Read

Originally posted as a guest post for Kristilyn @ Reading In Winter

I know there are book bloggers out there who have a significant other that could care less about the books we love so much, but I think I lucked out. When we met he didn’t read, but after a while I came up with ways to get him interested in reading, even if it was only a little bit. How did I do it?

Didn’t Push Him

When he’s forced to do anything, he’s most likely not going to do it. Which is a lot like me actually! So when I would get new books I would tell him about them, show him the pretty covers, and talk about books I read. Getting him looking around my blog once in a while I think helped explain what I do and why I love to read.

Chose Books He Might Like

When he said he’d like to try and read, I had him look at my books to start and see what he might be interested in. After he read the Hunger Games, he loved it and wanted to keep reading. I suggested some more titles, but mostly let him choose. We took a trip to the library not too long ago, went through the aisles, and it was a lot of fun! I think those trips will be more common now. J

Reading Time Together

Every night for an hour or so we turn off the TV or whatever we’re doing, get our books and read together. Not only does the reading together give us more to talk about later, but it gives us some quality time, no matter how busy we are with work and other things in life. It’s also a great time to relax and have fun. He likes to tell me about his book too, which is super cute!

I’m so happy that we have something like this that makes us closer than before. I know he’s not going to become a book blogger overnight, and I’m fine with that actually, there’d be too much competition in the house! (Just kidding) But the little bit of reading he gets done makes me proud that he’s giving it a try, and in a way it pushes me to actually try and get more done.

Have you gotten someone into reading? Share your experiences!

If any blog friends are wanting to add him to Goodreads and help encourage him to read and give suggestions, let me know!


5 comments on “Random Bookish Stuff: How I got my Fiance to Read

  1. That’s adorable. My husband decided he wanted to start reading after we watched The Hunger Games and he realized I don’t just read YA romance novels…some of them have some actual substance and action in them. 🙂 He promised he’d read a novel if I went to the shooting range with him — something I was iffy about because I’m not a huge fan of guns — so now he owes me Catching Fire. 😛 It was nice to kind of trade hobbies with each other. The Hunger Games trilogy also got my younger sister reading, and now she wants me to watch a sappy romance for every novel I give her to read. Next on the docket is The Lucky One…she’s been harassing me to watch that one for awhile, so now she’s going to read Crossed. =) I don’t mind trading hobbies/favors to get my loved ones to read if it means I have someone in real life to discuss my books with. 8)

  2. That’s awesome. I can’t wait for my husband to be done with his PhD program–he is so tired of academic reading that he has a hard time doing fun reading these days! I want to have relaxing reading time with him again.

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