Weekly Wrap-up: November 10th-16th

This post was created to sum up my week with all the posts, books I read and everything else. It will be up every Saturday.

Books Read:

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Other Posts:


This is part of a book Blast I’m participating in, but it links to a giveaway at the bottom of the page being held by the author. It runs until the 25th.

What’s New:

Joe has been gone all week, taking a course for his new job. He actually surprised me and came home a day early which was so awesome! I’ve mostly been reading all week, since I’m back to taking the bus in the morning it gives me lots of time.

I’m also starting a new job Monday! Technically my company is becoming part of a bigger one, but I get to work with a lot more people that I don’t know, working the digital print machines there. It’s a bit further out of town but the buses get me there faster than where I was before. Will how easily I can get there next week without getting lost!

What have you been up to this week?


8 comments on “Weekly Wrap-up: November 10th-16th

  1. Hey! I’m new here, so I have a FEW questions haha.

    What are you working as? (If you don’t mind me asking)

    I read Paranormalcy but couldn’t get past Supernaturally. It just wasn’t really intriguing, I didn’t like it. What are your thoughts in short?

    I live in Canada too! I actually found your blog through Kristilyn a few months back, but I forgot to add you to my reader. Haha, always nice to see so many Canadians blogging!

    • Welcome!! I work in the printing industry, from making business cards to books and such, and I run the digital machines.
      I didn’t like Supernaturally as much as the first book, I have a review coming out soon for that and the last book though.
      Yay for being Canadian! I’ll add you back 🙂

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