Magnificently Magic Read-a-thon Goals and Updates


This read-a-thon is hosted by a Daydreamer’s Thoughts, and it goes from December 13th-16th. I will use this post to keep track of my progress!


  • Get done all the books on my list below!


  • Cephrael’s Hand by Melissa McPhail (started at 18%, there’s 865 pages)
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon #7 (manga)-Done
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon #8 (manga)-Done


  • The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton


Day 1

Read: 80 pages (Cephrael’s Hand is now 27% done)

Not a bad start, it’s hard to read when you work during a readathon.

Day 2

Read: 36 pages (Cephrael’s Hand is now 31% done)

Such a bad reading day! Hoping that tomorrow will be better.

Day 3

Read: 94 Pages (Cephrael’s Hand is now 42% done)

Didn’t get as much done as I had hoped, but it was still a good day, the chat was lots of fun!

Day 4

Finished Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon #7 and #8

Read: 36 pages (Cephrael’s Hand is now 47% done)

I decided to take a break from the book I’d been reading so far, and to go ahead and finish the Sailor Moon manga today. I did still get some of the long book done, but I’m not even half-way yet. I did have lots of fun this weekend though!


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