My Top 5 Favourite Covers of 2012

Since there are so many covers for books out there, and so many versions, I’m going only with books that came out in 2012 and ones that I’ve actually read too. There are way more than 5 that I love, but I decided to only choose a few for this. Covers go to Goodreads.

throne of glass

Throne of Glass (UK version)

Not only do I love this book, as it’s probably my favourite read this year, but this version of the cover is just so awesome! I think it matches much better than the one that was released here in Canada for sure.

born wicked

Born Wicked

The cover just drew me in, and it definitely had the witchy feel that I was looking for when I read this book. I’m not happy that they decided to change this cover for the paperback though, the new version isn’t as nice.

Crown of Embers

Crown of Embers

Not only is the colour scheme beautiful, but the way the jewel pops out on the hardcover of this book is just so pretty!

super sweer sixteenth

My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century

The cover really sets the mood for this book, full of adventure but fun and cute! I actually bought the book because of the cover.



Doesn’t this just look so kick-ass? The book was good, but I really do love this cover, especially the samurai look!

What were your favourite covers this year?

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7 comments on “My Top 5 Favourite Covers of 2012

  1. Great picks, Kelsey! I do love that cover of Throne of Glass — sooooo much better than the US cover! I’ve love so many covers, I don’t think I could pick just a few. Covers are so subjective — everyone loves something different!

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