Showcase Sunday (32)


This is hosted by Books, Biscuits, and Tea and is meant to help us show off what books we receive during the week, no matter how we got them (library, review, bought).

I haven’t done one of these in a few weeks, and I have a feeling I’m going to forget one of the books I got. It has been a difficult last few weeks for me, I hit a big reading and blogging slump and life in general just hit hard. So I’m trying to get back into it now, and what better way then some new fresh books! This list has books from the last two weeks.



Gifted (from publisher):


when-the-stars-threw-down-their-spearsschool spirits

What did you get this week? Leave a link so I can visit your post, or comment below with what you got!


19 comments on “Showcase Sunday (32)

  1. I really want to read Grave Mercy and Dark Triumph, I’ve heard brilliant things about both and they just make me want to read those books even more! I still need to start the Soul Screamers series too, I have the first five books but haven’t gotten round to it yet. Awesome haul, enjoy your books! 😀

    • They’re both really awesome, definitely read them! And the covers are so awesome.
      Soul Screamers is such a good series, i hope you get to read it soon, I’m excited but also sad to finally read the last book.

  2. I’ve been in a bit of a blogging slump recently, too… not sure why. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your new books! I’ve heard fantastic things about Dark Triumph. I’ll need to get myself a copy of that one soon. 🙂

    • Maybe it’s the incoming Spring that’s getting us down? I know mine was mostly stress related.
      Dark Triumph was really good, I just finished it!! Get a copy of it for sure.

  3. I’m excited about Dark Triumph! I notice it’s a LOT smaller than Grave Mercy though … I remember tearing through Grave Mercy so fast, even though it was, like, 500-some pages. I hope this one is just as good!

    Have a good week!

    • Me too, it has my favourite character on it too!
      Soul Screamers is so good! I’m thinking I will, but we shall see, I know I loved all the rest of the books in this series so far.

  4. Ahhhh Sailor Neptune!! ♥ I SO want to get into that Sailor Moon series, I’ve watched the cartoons but I’m sure the manga is better 😀 The Soul Screamers is a series I am DYING to get into…and I need to crack open my copy of Grave Mercy already haha! Beyond EPIC haul this week Kelsey!! Congrats & happy reading ♥

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