Review: Takedown by Allison van Diepen


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Title: Takedown

Author: Allison van Diepen

Release Date/Publisher: September 3rd 2013 by Simon Pulse

Finished: June 20th 2013

Pages: 288-ARC given for review

Synopsis from author’s website:

Darren took the fall for Diamond Tony, the notorious head of the city’s drug cartel. Now, two years later, Darren’s finally out of juvie and determined to get even.

Working as an informant for the police, Darren infiltrates Diamond Tony’s operation. But falling for sweet, innocent Jessica was not part of that plan. She’s a distraction—and a liability. She’s also everything Darren dreamed about while he was locked up, and with her he has the promise of a fresh start.

When a deadly turf war breaks out between Diamond Tony and the Bloods, Darren gets caught in the crossfire. And the cops think he’s playing both sides. Any mistake could be his last. Darren has to stay on his game if he’s going to protect Jessica—and if he’s going to stay alive.

What I thought:

I was given a copy of this to review at an event where I met the author! I think the cover I added  might be different in the final print, but I have included a direct  link to the author’s website above just in case.

This is probably one of those books that I normally wouldn’t read, but I’ve tried to read a bunch of new stuff this year so I went for it! It involves an inside look into a kid who’s a member of a drug ring, which if I remember was centered in Toronto (yay for Canadian cities!).

Darren seems like a good guy who loves his family, especially his youngest brother Kiki. He was just in the wrong place when he got caught and sent to juvie, and as soon as he got out he became an informant for a cop. This whole thing is dangerous but he feels that someone needs to do it, and I did admire him for risking it. The romance he had with Jessica was cute, and I liked her personality. She was kind to others but had just the amount of strength that Darren needed to keep going.

The chapters were short which was good if you need to take breaks as you read, but luckily the story didn’t feel rushed. I wouldn’t have minded a bit more about his past and his family but there was enough to get the story going at least. The little snippets of lyrics were kind of cool too, even though I don’t like rap music.

In all I thought this book was good and pretty interesting and I think teens would like it. There isn’t any sex, just reference to drugs and drinking.

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