Bookshelf Browsing (2)


This feature was created to help share our love of books and the shelves they live on! Sharing pictures you’ve taken of books and their covers, spines or even the whole shelf is the goal. They can be as creative as you want!

My inspiration for this was the feature ‘Book and a Beverage’ by Brittany at The Book Addict’s Guide. If you want to participate send me an email. This is not a meme, and is being posted here only.

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Donna. I’m the founder of the Book Wookie blog and creator of the WordPress Book Review Plugin. I focus primarily on reviews in the New Adult, Young Adult, contemporary romance, dystopian and post-apocalyptic genres. I lives in Mississauga (just outside of Toronto) and have a huge passion for books. My day job is a Web Developer, but I’m currently working on my own adult fiction novel.

You can connect with me on GoodreadsFacebookTwitter or Google+.


Where was this photo taken?

I took these pictures at Chapters in the Young Adult section.

Why did you pick this book series? Is there something special about it?

I saw this on the shelf at Chapters and as I was flipping through it, I realized that I had never encountered a book quite like this before. It’s a graphic novel that’s not a comic book. It tells its story through various photos, newspaper clippings, letters, ticket stubs, etc. It grabbed my attention immediately and I couldn’t help but wonder just how well a story can be told using this format.

Have you read it? If so, what did you think?

I have not read it yet, but it’s definitely on my list. Something tells me I’ll need a hard copy, because I don’t think it will read too well on a Kindle. 🙂

Optimized-IMG_0797Thank you for joining me this week Donna!



2 comments on “Bookshelf Browsing (2)

  1. Great pick, Donna! I’ve read this one and you’re right — reading it on the Kindle would not do the book justice! It’s a very quick read, but I loved how it was all put together. Hope you can read it soon!

    • Kristilyn, so glad you enjoyed it. I’m wondering if there are more books out there in this format?

      Kelsey, thanks so much for hosting me. Great idea for a series!


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