Question: Where do you read?


I know that everyone who reads does it a little differently. I’m sure we all have that amazing spot where we get a lot done. So it’s got me wondering, do we share similarities in our hangouts or are we completely different?

I have three places where I like to read the most actually, and sometimes I switch between them throughout the day. The first is across our couch, so that I can put my legs up and relax. Unfortunately the armrest for my back is a bit uncomfortable after a while, even with a pillow. I also tend to sometimes read at the desk while I do blogging stuff, but not as often since I get massively distracted by Twitter. My favourite spot is the bed, where I’ve arranged the pillows so I’m either propped up, or I can lie down to read. And I get great sunlight during the day!

I also tend to read on the bus a lot too, especially since my old job used to take me an hour to get there. But when I start reading in public, that’s when I have to try and drown out the sounds of the city. For the most part I’m pretty good at it, unless there’s screaming children or other obnoxious people being really loud. At home there isn’t a whole lot of noise to contend with, my family doesn’t usually talk while I’m reading, and if they do at least I can pick up easily where I left off.

So now I ask you, where is your favourite spot(s) to read? Do you find it hard to read with background noise or can you drown it all out?


14 comments on “Question: Where do you read?

  1. Lately, I like reading in our front room where I can look out the window, I have a rocker chair, and a little table for my tea/water/food/etc. Or I’ll read in the TV room (without the TV on). That’s nice if I want to lay down. I’ll also read in bed, but usually just before bed. I don’t last too long with my book at night these days …

    And I am a no-noise kind of reader … I know that might have to change after baby comes, but we’ll see. I try to read when hubs watches hockey, so I’m trying to focus with noise. I guess practice makes perfect!

  2. I enjoy reading on the couch, too, or perhaps a comfy armchair (though I don’t personally own any.) Sometimes I try reading in bed, but I fall asleep if I get too warm! And I unfortunately get sick if I attempt to read in cars or buses (not that I’ve stopped trying….).

    Most noises I don’t mind. If something is incredibly loud, it’s hard to block out, but that’s about it. I actually wrote my thesis proposal at a college hockey game, so I guess I can tune just about anything out!

    • Oh I used to get carsick a lot when I read, especially when I was younger. I can’t do it in cars, but I can on the public bus.

      That’s awesome! It gets easier to tune out the more I practice, maybe someday I’ll be that good!

  3. I have my own seat on the sofa where I do most of my reading, although I occasionally alternate the sofa with my bed, particularly if I’m reading my kindle. I used to be able to read when I was in the car, but that’s a total no-go area for me now, unfortunately!

  4. I either read at sixth form in the library, or in bed at home. But a lot of the time, I get tired when I read in bed ahha. Especially if i read with a warm tea next to me 🙂

    • I lie on my stomach on the bed a lot too.
      That would be awesome to have a library area! I would so read there, and I’m hoping when we move that I can make a cozy reading area 🙂

  5. I love reading in bed because it’s warm and I can easily pull up the blankets around me. My headrest is also under a window so I get great light all day long.

    I also find it easier for me to read with background noise/in public. I find that sometimes silence can get to me and I’ll end up pulling out my computer and going to tumblr. Also listening to music isn’t helpful either. I loved reading out on my college’s mall while I was there. Especially if the weather was nice and I could find a nice spot under the sun.

    • We’re under a window too, and aside from the sun I also get a great breeze of fresh air.

      That’s good that noise helps, you’ll be very versatile with where you can read! 🙂

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