Blogging Updates-October 2013

I’ve recently had more spare time being jobless and all, so I’m making a few additions for posts in the next little while. Nothing massive, but enough that I wanted to post about it! There’s also my schedule on the right sidebar for future reference.

  • The Bookshelf Browsing feature will now be interactive! You will be able to link your own blog posts in a linky and spread the book love! Just take a picture of an interesting book, display or shelf, maybe mention anything interesting about it, and that’s it! The next one will be up October 25th.
  • Starting this week until the end of November I will have three reviews a week, Tuesday to Thursday! If this works out and doesn’t stress me out I might keep it for December too.
  • Kind of random, but I will be participating in NaNoWriMo this year! So if you’re interested in being reading buddies let me know.

That’s it for now, but have a great week!

10 comments on “Blogging Updates-October 2013

  1. Sounds like some fun additions happening for your blog! I’ll try to visit as much as I can but working multiple jobs right now is really putting a cramp in my reading/blogging o.O I wish we could get paid to blog/read LOL Anyways I still hope to join in on your bookshelf fun soon! Good luck with NaNoWriMo 😀

    • I’m definitely trying to make it more fun! That’s not a problem, I know a lot of people work hard and jobs are important! I SO wish this was a paying hobby too lol.
      Thank you!

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