Review: Audrey’s Guide to Black Magic by Jody Gehrman


Title: Audrey’s Guide to Black Magic (Audrey’s Guides #2)

Author: Jody Gehrman

Release Date: September 7th 2013 by Magic Genie Books

Read: October 27th 2013

Pages: 180-eBook-given for review


  1. Audrey’s Guide to Witchcraft
  2. Audrey’s Guide to Black Magic


Sometimes you have to fight black magic with blacker magic. But in trying to save the people she loves, will Audrey fall into the dark abyss that claimed her father?

In Book II of the Audrey’s Guide series, Audrey learns about her witchy roots and continues to fight her nemesis; this time she must dig deeper than ever, experimenting with dark magic to combat the insidious enchantment that’s invaded her newfound community. She travels to the magical compound on the Mad River, the home her mother fled twenty years ago. Here Audrey meets her grandmother, the powerful matriarch of the Clan, and a host of colorful characters, some friends, some foes. When a sinister force begins to take over the magical community, Audrey must decide how far she’s willing to go to protect the people she loves.

What I thought:

A big thanks to the author for sending me a copy to review! I had read her Beta a while back for this, but I wanted to reivew it properly on here!

If you loved the first book, you’ll also love this one. We do get to see more of Julian in this book than the last like I had hoped. He’s really kind and supportive in so many ways and I was glad for that. I liked his character and I tihnk him and Audrey really complement each other. Audrey’s character was just as fun and I loved how she used her notebook for her funny lists in this more too. I would have liked her to use and train with her magic a bit more though.

The Land that they go to sounds so magical and would definitely be cool if it existed. I mean, houses that are constructed out of the earth and just fit in with nature instead of disturbing it would be a perfect place to go live or even relax on vacation. I do think it also would have been cool to learn more about the actual history of that clan a bit, maybe with bits of info tossed in. That would probably help with the ending and what goes on, so we can see what really drives Cormack to do what he does. Maybe there will even be another book? Or a novella?

I had to admit that I felt sorry for the regular people, the “mundanes” throughout the book. How the witches ignored them and talked behind their backs sucked. But from their point of view and how certain events happen you can understand that they’re just afraid at least.

Really though, if you enjoyed the first book you’ll enjoy this one. This is a great series to read if you love witches but also want something with some adventure and a few laughs.



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