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I know that there’s been a big batch of drama where Goodreads in concerned, and although I try to stay out of these things I just wanted to ask around your opinions and get some feedback. I am no way trying to insult any of the sites, just looking for honest thoughts!

I’m staying on Goodreads just to update my reading progress since I’m used to it already. I haven’t really cross-posted any reviews on there recently so right now I’m just keeping them on the blog only since it’s less time consuming. I did however start a BookLikes account just to have a look, and so far it confuses me a little bit.

So the question is, are you staying with Goodreads, or did you go over to Booklikes? What do you like/dislike about BookLikes if you did switch? Any tips for people trying to get the hang of it? If you use another site, which one is it?


14 comments on “Question: Bookish Sites

  1. I am still on Goodreads. I did start a BookLikes account but I found it confusing too, and I haven’t been using it much (or really at all). I’d like to go back and check out BookLikes a bit more but I feel like I don’t have the time right now!

  2. I actually kind of love using Goodreads for tracking my books and reading, but I’m doubting if I’ll post reviews there from now on, but instead just a link. I do really like BookLikes, but I’ll admit it — I haven’t been on it for quite some time now! I think it’s a good addition to the pile of bookish sites out there, but I’m in such a habit of using Goodreads.

  3. I stayed with Goodreads. Though their handling of the recent situation was not as professional as it could have been, and I would prefer for them to have clear-cut rules about what is or is not allowed (not rules apparently based on employees’ whims), the fact remains that the site has tons of useful features. I’ve been posting excerpts of my reviews with links to my blog, instead of full reviews, because I’m wary of giving all my content to such a capricious site. but that’s the only change I’ve made. So far.

    In my opinion, there’s not a great competitor for me to relocate to right now. Also, many of the people whom I am friends with on Goodreads are just that–friends, people I know in real life. They’re not book bloggers, and they don’t know or don’t care about the recent controversy at all. If I left Goodreads, those people would not follow me to another site.

    • Partial reviews is actually a really good idea! I might try that if I have more time to cross-post reviews there.

      Yeah one thing I wouldn’t want to lose is all the people I follow, all my blogger buddies. If it was all personal friends like you mentioned that’s definitely a good reason to stay. 🙂

  4. I’m staying on goodreads. I love it and it has everything I want/need. All sites have terms of service and ultimately I think it really is up to them what those are. They could have done a better job at updating them and handling the situation in how they wanted to change their terms…but still it is a free service that we get to use and one hell of one at that. I looked into getting book tracking software once years ago before goodreads – it was just madness? I use it to track the books I own, the books I plan to read not just my reviews and use it as a social outlet. But for the the book tracking feature alone that is a hefty amount of server power they use to provide this to us for free – plus the fact that they don’t have as many ads on there as say facebook which is also a “free” service. So if people want to move to something different its all about preference but none of the other sites I’ve seen offer all of the features that goodreads has.

    I don’t get into all the author/reviewer drama with reviews – I just don’t understand it really. But then I’m like that with news too – I’m so far stuck into the pages that I can’t be bothered to keep up with news and gossip. So I’ll definitely be staying and continuing to post my reviews there. I just want to put my thoughts on the books out there. So unfortunately I guess maybe I’m a bit selfish since it doesn’t bother me I’m not concerned about it since my reviews don’t mention things about authors themselves so the change wouldn’t effect me, nor effect the types of reviews I read.

    • There’s nothing selfish with wanting to stay if the site is working well for you. Even better if you just ignore the drama and it doesn’t affect what you read! I’m glad for your response though, it’s true that they do give us this service for free and it would be way harder if I tried to catalogue everything myself for all my books lol. Thanks for your input!

      • Anytime my dear! I don’t remember if I mentioned I looked into buying cataloging software once for my personal library and the cost just wasn’t worth it so when I found goodreads I was jumping for joy! I still think it is an excellent community and I for one don’t mind the new restrictions they put on reviews but I completely sympathize with those people that do. Different people make judgements on what they want to read differently.

  5. Hmmm for now I’m just going with Goodreads. I hate switching to new sites and relearning things. Not a tech person here. LOL But I do post my reviews at my blog too.

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