Review: Blog Events by Amanda Shofner

blog events

Title: Blog Events: The Secret to Engaging Your Community, Growing Your Network, and Establishing Your Expertise

Author: Amanda Shofner

Release Date/Publisher: August 4th 2013 by The Path of Least Revision

Finished: October 19th 2013

Pages: 34-eBook-owned


How do you draw your community to your blog while growing your network and establishing your expertise?

Blog events.

They’re not just for hobby bloggers–they’ll help your business too.

And Blog Events provides a framework for setting up your own successful event.

You’ll cover why blog events are beneficial to you, how to define your event’s purpose, what to consider when deciding on particulars, tricks for developing an effective marketing plan, how to tackle systems and responsibilities, and how to deal with the wrap-up.

Blog Events also has a special bonus section, filled with the secrets of a veteran blog event host–from what makes an event successful to tips that’ll help keep your sanity intact. Because you can never be too prepared.

What I thought:

Although short (which isn’t a bad thing), this book was packed with so much helpful information! I loved that it was easy to understand and thorough so that I didn’t get confused with anything. All the facts were to the point and direct, so there wasn’t a loop of words just to get to what was important.

The end of each chapter has a recap in point form, which was awesome. There were also links that I could click on with my reader to take me to any important websites which was pretty cool.

I’m really glad that I read this, and in all honesty it has me pumped and wanting to host an event on my own! i just need to plan out what I want to do. If you’re a blogger and want to host an event or you just want to know more of what goes behind making one, definitely check this book out!

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