Updates from December to the New Year

I have a couple of things I just wanted to update and share with everyone.

First is that I am not going on a hiatus over Christmas but I might be busy a couple of days. I will still have my phone on me to distract myself from his side of the family keep updated on certain things, mostly by twitter. I will still have reviews going up on their normal days with the addition of a Christmas one on Christmas Day. The Waiting on Wednesday posts won’t be back until January 8th though.

Also, in case you haven’t noticed I’ve done some updating on small things here. The schedule has been updated as well. Reviews have been changed from three times a week to two. I also got back into the Waiting on Wednesday meme that I had fun with before. To those that enjoyed my Question post earlier this month, they will continue and be posted on the first Monday of every month. (Think about resolutions for the next one.) Also in regards to that one picture feature I tried to start, I wasn’t getting any submissions or much interest, so I’ve retired it for now.

My Review Policy has also been updated in case you want to check that out. I’m not accepting any new review requests until at least February, depending on how things go. This might last a lot longer though. If you’re an author and I’ve reviewed for you before you can still ask, just email me.

And to those that have asked, I still have not found a job, not even anything seasonal. Hoping 2014 bring me some more luck!

I hope everyone has a good holiday break, a Very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! I might have some exciting news in the new year too!


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