Question: How do you Review?


How do you review? Do you keep notes as you read? Do you write the review right after the book or wait to do many at once? Are you caught up or usually behind?

I have Evernote on my phone and I take little point form notes whenever I feel like writing what I think of the book. I like that it also syncs with my laptop so I don’t have to email them to myself like before.

I almost always write the review as soon as I’m done the book, and I find that making notes really helps me sort out my thoughts. I’m hardly ever behind, but at the same time I have to wait until I get my thoughts out before I can start the next book. For the most part that’s not a problem, unless I finish the book while I’m out.

Leave how you review below!


8 comments on “Question: How do you Review?

  1. Hmm. I don’t usually take notes when I’m reading, but I do try to draft a post as soon as possible after finishing a book. I get the format set up and then I just throw all my thoughts into point form. Then when I’m ready to actually write the review I have my notes right there!

  2. It depends on a book. If it’s something I can easily remember what’s going on and what the characters are like, then I don’t take notes. But if I find it hard to remember things from one sitting to anther, then I make sure to make notes. In either case I jot down a review in bullet points right after a finish the book, and then I write it out (and perhaps add stuff) over the next 2-3 days.

  3. I might take notes along the way, but the more important thing for me is not to put it off once I’m done with the book. I need to at least write down some bullet points when I’m done. If I’m having writers block where I just cannot turn snippets of thought into a coherent review, the actual writing will come later. But I do need to at least make note of what I want to say, or it’ll get lost in the details of my next book. I’ve tried coming back days or weeks after the fact, having made no notes at all because I didn’t feel like I needed to… it never works out.

  4. I write a little post-it note of my pros and cons for the book and then it’ll take a day or two before I write up the review based on those notes. Sometimes I’ll finish two books in a day (because I was in the middle of both of them…) and so I’ll have a couple of reviews to do, or I’ll finish a book on Thursday, can’t write the review on Friday because of no free time, and so have a couple to write on Saturday/Sunday. 🙂

  5. Before I started reviewing properly, I never used to keep notes but now I do. Just to keep track of characters, small traits and events. I tend to write reviews the day after I finish the book. I don’t why but my opinion always changes once I have sat on it for a while.

    Great post! 🙂

  6. I try to take notes as I’m reading, it doesn’t always work out that way though. I carry a notebook and pen around with me everywhere, it’s currently full of a jumble of half written story ideas, books I need to read, books notes and lecture notes lol

    When it comes to writing the review though. Ugh. I put it off, I have to really think about what I want to say. And then suddenly it’s weeks or a couple of months since I read the book! I have a few I need to write up and post, I keep telling myself I’ll get to it soon. The notes I take for books I know I might put off doing reviews for are always more comprehensive than my review books that are due usually a few days after I finish reading them (which is why I’m lagging behind at the moment, so many reviews!)

    I like the idea of using Evernote *ponders* I might have to look in to it! Thank you for the idea 😀

  7. Fun topic! I used to review as soon as I finished reading but now I’m soooo far behind! 😦 Once in a while I’ll take notes but usually I just go back and look at my Goodreads updates once I’m ready to write my review haha! Sometimes it’s hard. The one time I did take notes while I read and sort of wrote my review as I read (just notes in a draft) it was SO helpful but I can’t always do that!

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