Showcase Sunday (67)


This is hosted by Books, Biscuits, and Tea and is meant to help us show off what books we receive during the week, no matter how we got them (library, review, bought).


april 13

  • The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas- I actually went into a store to get it, but according to online there aren’t any copies in my city at all, so I ordered it. It doesn’t match my other two books, but I don’t mind much since it’s so pretty.

What did you get this week? Leave a link so I can visit your post, or comment below with what you got! 


24 comments on “Showcase Sunday (67)

  1. I’veheard soo much about Sarah Mass but I still haven’t read any of her books!! Shame the covers don’t match! I hate it when that happens 😦 Hope you enjoy it 🙂

    Check out my SS here!

    Laura @ What’s Hot?

    • Her books are one of my favourite series right now! I hope you get a chance to eventually read them. I think there’s going to be 6 in the series, but #3 comes out in the fall.
      I don’t mind them not matching, worse case I can buy the hardcovers and have extra copies hehe,

    • I totally just commented on your blog while you did on mine!
      Anyway, yay for this series! I wanted to get it when it came out but I figured they’d have it in stock when I did want it. I need to re-read all of them again when the next one comes out.
      Thank you!

      • haha I know, I saw the email when I clicked to submit the comment! Talk about commentception ;D

        I don’t know whether to pick this one up first because it is a prequel or whether I should read them in the order that they came out. I keep getting told to do different things! :’)

        • I think you can read them in any order you like, but maybe after the first book so you can fully enjoy what you’re reading. Just double check what the short stories are, like 0.1 or whatnot so you’re not ruining anything. 🙂

  2. Woot! Yes! I freaking LOVED this book and I hope you will too. My collection is mismatched as well but I’m holding out hope for a killer boxed set once all the books are out ♥ I’d say happy reading to you but I already know it will be ;-D Enjoy Kelsey

    • Yay I’m glad you loved it! I think I actually commented on that review, but I can’t remember at this moment. I’m planning to read it really soon, probably for the Bout of Books read-a-thon in May 🙂

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