Question: Organizing Books


Do you organize/categorize your books? Are they randomly placed in your house/bookshelf in piles, or neat on a shelf?

I used to keep mine organized for the longest time, then my bookshelf broke because it was really old and crappy. Since we were moving at some point we just boxed them up and that’s where they stayed for a while.

At the moment we are finally putting up my big bookshelf, so I can organize them again soon! I don’t think I could just leave them in piles all over, but I know it’s hard when people have so many books to deal with. I ended up giving a bunch of them away to a friend too, and I’m becoming more strict in general of how many or which books I buy so I won’t have that problem in the future.

How do you sort your books? Genre, author, magic, or just piles of books all over? Leave your answer below!


16 comments on “Question: Organizing Books

  1. All books I read are shelved neatly, alphabetized by author name. But I have piles of to-read books on various tables.

  2. Haha, I know what you mean, I think it may just be a book lovers problem. I used to have them organized alphabetically by the authors last name in my bookshelf but I ended up getting too many so I had to start doubling them on each shelf and then I finally ran out of shelf space. Now I put them anywhere they fit!

  3. I did a post on this a bit back and I have mine on big shelves. I have moved so many times that I have packing and unpacking them down to a fine art and about 2 hours ;D I do mine by author and how many books I have by them It helps with keeping series together. I do have some random piles around the room though. They are all tbr’s that I never finished! :/

    Thanks for sharing & great post! :)xx

    Alex @ The Shelf Diaries

    • I think I remember seeing that post, but can’t remember if I commented on it or not. Wow, it would take me longer to pack and unpack them! But now that they’re finally organized maybe not too long.
      Thank you!

  4. Mine are usually sorted alphabetically by author’s last name. I tried doing it by book colour but it was hard to get used to, even though it looked really neat. I do have a few piles lying around the house, though, since my bookshelf is just about full and I have a book-buying problem.

    • I wouldn’t know where to start if it was by colour, I had them all in piles on our big table just trying to get it by author name lol.
      I hate when that happens! Mine isn’t full yet, but it’s pretty massive, and I already have given a bunch of books away to try and curb it a bit.

  5. I used to keep my books organized by genre then author. Then I saw a bunch of pictures where people organized them by color so I tried that. It looked really great and stayed that way until I got my newest bookcase so now any new books I’ve gotten since then are just on random piles on my new bookcase. I’ll get to organizing those again one day >>

    • That’s very ambitious, I would have trouble with the genre one since so many can fit in two or more. I hope you get a chance to fully organize them one day, maybe you’ll find ones that you forgot you had!

  6. I have two bookcases and one huge wrap around desk so I have my books separated: the desk has all my work/uni books and the bookshelves separate by read books from my two read books, However, since attending BEA last year, I’ve run out of space and now have piles of books stacked throughout the house. I desperately need bookcase upgrades! Oh and like you, i need to organize and give away books to friends! Have fun sorting out all your books in the bookshelves again and making them all pretty! That bit’s always a blast 😀

    • Good idea to keep them separated, we have a small bookcase upstairs that has all the non-fiction stuff and manuals and such, and the novels on the big one down here that we can show off. (I’ve organized them since posting this yay!) I hope you can get another bookcase for all your books! It’s always fun sorting through them 🙂

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