Review: Elusive Memories by Amanda Shofner

elusive memories

Title: Elusive Memories (The Hunted #1)
Author: Amanda Shofner
Release Date/Publisher: May 2014 by The Path of least Revision
Finished: June 6th 2014
Pages: unknown-eBook-won from the author
1. Elusive Memories
2. Hidden Illusions

Synopsis from Goodreads:

The Northern Alliance Betterment Society, better known as the Hunters, has persecuted the Gifted for years. When Sam Benson is taken and her memory stolen, she certainly isn’t the first victim of the Hunters. But she’s determined to use her family’s influence as memory-bringer elders to make sure she’s one of the last.

As soon as she escapes the Hunters’ compound, anyway.

Two Hunter guards claim to be working to get Sam free, but only one has her best interests at heart—and holds the key to mounting an offense against the Hunters. With her memory fractured and the Hunters set against her, can she choose the right person to trust?

What I Thought:

I had won a copy of this from the author in a giveaway she had on her blog and I was excited to read it! It’s technically not her first book that’s been published, but it’s the first fiction one.

What I liked most about this book was the concept of the Gifted people. There were illusionists and memory-bringers and what they could do sounded really interesting. They don’t show their powers too much or exploit them but what I saw was pretty cool and I can’t wait to see more. Even though they were different than other people, the two were also divided and didn’t like each other much. After reading this I’m really excited to see how that aspect might or might not change in the next book.

A portion of this involves Sam trying to remember anything about her past and what she was doing in a cell. As her memory returns we find out more about what happened, what the world is like, more about the Gifted, and of course the Hunters. There wasn’t an overload of information but I also didn’t find it lacking in any way. I liked Sam’s character as she seemed strong and determined even with her loss of memory and all that went on around her.

So far this seems like a good series and I really liked what I read, and I think you should for sure check it out.

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