Cat Thursday-All About Fran

cat thursday 2

This is a weekly meme from The True Book Addict, and it’s to help share funny or really just any kinds of pictures of cats! Feel free to join and share your kitty pics! I will be mostly sharing pictures of my own two cats.

Last week I introduced Emile, so this week it’s time for Franny (Fran for short). She’s Emile’s mother, and she actually had a bunch of other kittens too, but we chose to take her and Emile home. They look so similar that sometimes we have trouble telling them apart at first. According to the vet she turned 2 around April so she’s still pretty young, and if you actually see her she’s tiny.


When we first brought her home. She’s gotten a bit bigger and filled out since.

I have to admit that Fran is my little baby. She loves attention, even to the point of running upstairs at any time of the night when we have to go to the bathroom (they can’t sleep in our room since I’m such a light sleeper and they’re up ALL night running around). She recently started joining both of us on the couch for cuddles and she’s just so sweet and good natured. Although sometimes she doesn’t realize that her claws can hurt when she goes on our laps. We think she was with humans when she was younger but that they probably abandoned her which is why she isn’t scared of us like Emile can be, but she’s still skittish of strangers. Although she warmed up to my friend Jo last time she was over and wanted attention!


Her the other day, sitting beside me on the couch.

So that concludes the introductions for my little kitties! I will have more cute pictures of them in the weeks to come!


8 comments on “Cat Thursday-All About Fran

  1. Awww Franny is soooo pretty and she really does look quite like her son 🙂 I love how snuggly she sounds and man she is just too adorable for words! Cuddle her some for me next time she wants some love! Thanks for sharing the cuteness Kelsey! x

    • She loves snuggling on my lap although she doesn’t like being picked up quite yet, but I made sure I did cuddle her for you earlier this morning! 😀

  2. Kitties love me because I’m awesome! Lol. She is super cute and definitely photogenic; every pic I’ve seen of her, she looks so pretty. I can’t wait to see them again, hopefully soon. 🙂 I look forward to seeing what you’ll post next week!

    • Yeah and she just loves any attention she could get, she could probably tell you were nice. She almost always poses or something lol but it’s cute.

    • Yeah she had them around 1 1/2 years old, I think 5 of them. I’m just glad that didn’t kill her since she’s tiny. She’s gained weight and muscle since we’ve had her though and she looks very healthy. The family member I got her from helped a lot too 🙂

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