Cat Thursday-Helping with laundry

cat thursday 2

This is a weekly meme from The True Book Addict, and it’s to help share funny or really just any kinds of pictures of cats! Feel free to join and share your kitty pics! I will be mostly sharing pictures of my own two cats.

This week I’m showing a cute one of Emile! He gets into a lot of stuff, and probably the most trouble out of the two. This one was from a few months ago, when he hopped into the clean laundry. I left it unattended for two minutes and was just about to fold it. It was going to get covered in cat hair anyway right? That shocked look on his face is one I see very often!


16 comments on “Cat Thursday-Helping with laundry

  1. How could any intelligent kitty resist diving into nice warm freshly cleaned laundry anyway? And you’re right: it was going to get covered it cat fur anyway!! I like you attitude about it 😀 Gorgeous picture too, Emile’s eyes are stunning ♥

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