Cat Thursday-Hide and Seek

cat thursday 2

This is a weekly meme from The True Book Addict, and it’s to help share funny or really just any kinds of pictures of cats! Feel free to join and share your kitty pics! I will be mostly sharing pictures of my own two cats.

I was debating on showing a cute picture this week, but I figured I would show Emile getting caught doing something. He always manages to do something like eat an important paper, move furniture when running by, hide my headphones and so on (yes he’s done all that in the last two days). But last week when we couldn’t find him he decided to play hide and seek. Guess where he was?

emile on teh cupboard

That’s right, on top of the kitchen cupboards. I had to have my phone way above my head to take this picture too. Apparently if he goes across the counters and up on the fridge he can get up there. I don’t know whether to worry that one day he’s going to fall or just giggle because he has another spot where we can’t reach him. He likes to hide in closets too.

And as a funny extra, as I’m writing this Emile just stole Joe’s bookmark because he likes the tassel on it and I had to chase him around the room to get it back. It’s like I have kids already!

Do you have a kitty that likes to get into everything?


12 comments on “Cat Thursday-Hide and Seek

  1. hahaha Emile’s escapades are hilarious 😀 My cats also climb up on top of the fridge and from there they can go up my kitchen cupboards too! They did it at our old apartment and they do the same at our house and have done so since we moved in! Gotta love cats haha Oh and I was LOLing about him running off with Joe’s bookmark xD Thanks for sharing ^^

    • At least I know he’s not the only one that does it now then! I was so worried the first time he went up there.
      Lol he likes to steal my hairbands and earphones as well. I’m glad you got a laugh out of my post!

  2. Haha awesome! I think you don’t have to worry, I’ve never seen a cat fall even when they get up to those spots 😉 The only thing is if they can’t figure out how to get down!

  3. He looks so comfortable up there. He’ll be fine, as long as he has a safe way to get down. Emile truly is a beautiful kitty!

    I love hearing about the thievery! Arya is mischievous like that. She loves those little peppermint candies that you get from Sonic. I can put it on my bedside table, not in plain sight, and low and behold, she has it on the floor batting it around. And she’s always trying to steal my tasseled bookmarks. No leaving them hanging out of the books either. She will locate them and have them all over the house…hidden. 🙂

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