Review: Fan Art by Sarah Tregay

fan art

Title: Fan Art
Author: Sarah Tregay
Release Date/Publisher: June 17th 2014 by Katherine Tegen Books
Finished: August 4th 2014
Pages: 368-Hardcover-Library

Synopsis from Goodreads:

When the picture tells the story…

Senior year is almost over, and Jamie Peterson has a big problem. Not college—that’s all set. Not prom—he’ll find a date somehow. No, it’s the worst problem of all: he’s fallen for his best friend.

As much as Jamie tries to keep it under wraps, everyone seems to know where his affections lie, and the giggling girls in art class are determined to help Jamie get together with Mason. But Jamie isn’t sure if that’s what he wants—because as much as Jamie would like to come clean to Mason, what if the truth ruins everything? What if there are no more road trips, taco dinners, or movie nights? Does he dare risk a childhood friendship for romance?

This book is about what happens when a picture reveals what we can’t say, when art is truer than life, and how falling in love is easy, except when it’s not. Fan Art explores the joys and pains of friendship, of pressing boundaries, and how facing our worst fears can sometimes lead us to what we want most.

What I Thought:

This is the first book I’ve read in YA where the main character is gay, and I have to say that I really liked it. I’m all for people loving who they want, and I really do hope that this book and others like it inspire people to be who they want.

I haven’t read many books lately that’s solely from a guy’s perspective so I had to adjust at first, but I do have to say that it was a nice change. Jamie seems like such a great guy, one who could be friends with everyone. I loved that he was into art and was working on the graphic design for their school magazine, Gumshoe.

One awesome part about this book is that there are the actual poems mentioned for the magazine displayed throughout the book. Some of them were pretty well done too, and I could really appreciate that because when I was in high school we had an art magazine each year and I submitted a few drawings. I still have those somewhere too I think. Anyway, there is also a certain comic strip in this book that starts things in motion which I thought was really cute. Jamie even mentioned printing terms and a Heidelberg press later in the book, and I worked on one in college so it brought back fun memories!

The things Jamie goes through to try and come out to Mason, deal with the art-fangirls who want them together, and just the general attitude of some students not liking the idea of same sex couples was pretty intense, and it felt real when I was reading. I was rooting for him, and really hoping that the two would end up together, but to see if they did or not you’ll have to read the book.

This book was cute and I’m really glad my library had a copy, I devoured it in just under a day

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