Discussions with K: Book Covers


I wanted a feature on my blog where I could discuss things with everyone, bookish and not. Feel free to join in and give your thoughts and opinions!


So my question this week is about those jackets/slip covers/whatever you call them that are always see on hardcover books. Do you keep them on while reading, or take them off so they don’t get damaged? Or would you prefer just a paperback so you don’t have to deal with them?

I like both hardcover or paperback, but I tend to like how hardcovers look on my shelf more. I almost always take off the jacket to help preserve it! I’ve had them ruined by other people before and it’s so upsetting.

Unfortunately if the book underneath is black, the ink from it tends to get on my fingers when I hold the book and I have no idea why. Does this happen to anyone else? And it’s hard to wash out sometimes! My last book I had to read with the jacket on so I had to be super careful with it!

I kind of really like library hardcovers because there’s plastic protecting the book but you can still see the cover while reading and not worry. I wouldn’t do that to all of my books but it does make it easier for reading.

Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! ❤


6 comments on “Discussions with K: Book Covers

  1. Interesting topic Kelsey^^ Like you, I prefer hardbacks because of how pretty they look on my shelves. But, there are always those books who I find are nicer in paperback, sometimes they have different covers and I prefer that version to the paperback. It really depends on the book I guess, but if they’re favorites, I tend to *need* them in hardback form. Funnily enough, I never remove the dust jackets from the books while I’m reading them. I know I should, but I don’t really have any place to store the jackets (safely) while I’m reading. I try to be careful though, but sometimes I do get ruined a bit…nothing too bad though…so far XD

    • The dust jackets aren’t safe around my cats, so I usually leave them higher up on the bookshelf where they don’t go lol. I just find they slip a lot when I’m reading too.

  2. I like hardbacks for display but I prefer paperbacks when I’m reading. I find them much easier to hold! And I always take off the jacket when I’m reading a hardback novel (even when I’m lending it to someone, I remove it before allowing them to touch it lol)

    • I like paperbacks too but I find hardcovers more sturdy when I hold them. I remove the jacket when lending to people too! I never got back a book once but I still have that cover.

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