Discussions with K: Blog Schedules


I wanted a feature on my blog where I could discuss things with everyone, bookish and not. Feel free to join in and give your thoughts and opinions!


As a blogger, do you have a schedule on your blog showing when posts are going up? As a reader, do you really care if a blog has a schedule?

There are a lot of other blogs that say you should have a schedule, but others that say just go with what you want and post whenever you can. But I’ve been thinking about this topic recently. I’ve had a schedule on my blog for a while now, and I show it on the sidebar all the time. But is it really necessary? Does anyone actually pay attention to it?

I know that I follow all my blogs on Bloglovin so a schedule doesn’t really benefit me, I just read it as soon as its up. I don’t expect anyone to follow a strict schedule and get things done by a certain time of the week. But I still have my schedule.

I’ve been thinking of doing away with it and changing up how I do things, but letting go of something that keeps the blog on time is a hard thing to do when it’s been drilled into your head that you should have one to look professional. I’m still thinking over it, as well as deciding what I really want to do on this blog aside from reviews. I like having my reviews on a certain date, but for other posts like this one they tend to come to me randomly and I don’t want to force myself to make one just because.

I want to hear what you think and if you have a schedule or not, or are thinking of getting rid of it like me.

Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! ❤

11 comments on “Discussions with K: Blog Schedules

  1. Such an interesting topic! I love having a peek into other people’s blogging habits and reading what they do. I’m never bothered by blogs that do or don’t have schedules. My main issue is when *unpopular opinion* people decide to post a certain number of posts (every day, or even more) and they just fill these posts with rubbish. I like quality, not quantity. It also seems to be view hungry.

    Personally, I don’t have a schedule, but notice sometimes my posts tend to take on a pattern – I usually do all my reading on monday, tuesday and wednesday, so a review often pops up on Thursday. I browse blogs on Fridays and the weekend, which sparks ideas for other blogging projects, so that means discussion and bits and pieces get posted on the weekend or Monday!

    I only have one thing I try to do on a schedule and that is post a monthly review/blog preview for the following month on the 1st of each month.

    I’ve considered having a schedule, and I love the idea of prescheduling posts so I don’t have to worry if I can’t blog for a week or two, but at this point I don’t have one. I also find some of my most popular posts have been things I would not have included if I had a schedule to keep to!

    • I think you’re right, it’s nice to schedule some things in advance, and I like the idea of randomly scheduling other things, like this post. They tend to get the most comments and I seriously had fun writing this! And quality is always better than quantity for sure, which is another reason I’m debating dropping the schedule and getting rid of a meme and just putting other fun posts (aside from reviews) up whenever. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Fascinating topic Kelsey^^ I have something of a schedule yes, I post TTT on Tuesdays, WoW used to be a weekly post on Wednesdays but I’ve recently shifted it to an occasional post, for just when an anticipated book gets a cover or whatever. On Thursdays I have my Harry Potter post and then on Fridays I post a review. I try to stick by it since it forces me to have at least one book read per week and one review to go up. As for on other blogs, I really don’t care if they have a schedule or not, it’s not something that’s going to impact how often I visit at all. The schedule is just something I do for me, to keep me on the ball but if others have another system or don’t need a schedule well that’s fine too. I say if you feel like getting rid of yours, go for it^^ If you think you’d like to change things up a bit you should, and if ever you want to switch back after a while, well then you’ll know 🙂

    • Thank you! Yeah I think I need the change, and I want to go for more original content than I am now. I still want to do reviews because I love it, but I like posts like these that make you think. I might even do more personal ones eventually! Who knows 🙂 You’re right, I can always switch back if it doesn’t work.

  3. This is definitely an interesting topic to think about. Namely do whatever you want! For me, I just have a mental schedule which fits reviews and memes throughout the week. Sometimes I don’t even bother following it, so I’m literally all over the place. I think you do what works for you. Think about it and then set it in action. I use my schedule just to keep things organized.

  4. I don’t schedule my posts. Well, except for Waiting on Wednesday and Let’s Play Thursday (which I, unfortunately, skipped this week). Outside of that I try for two reviews a week and fill in with other interesting stuff.

    I do, however, schedule when I should read things. It keeps me a little more on track so I am less likely to forget to review an ARC before the publication date. I don’t always stick to this, but it does help.

  5. On my Sunday Post each week I show the schedule for the following week, but beyond that no. If one wanted by looking at my book haul they could determine what is coming up over the next few months.

  6. I think that for blogs who host weekly memes that get a lot of followers, its best they stick to a schedule with that, mostly because I would assume it is what their readers expect.
    In my case, the only scheduled posts for my blog are memes I participate in and monthly wrap ups. I try my best to get those posted on the first of the month. Because there are some times days between my posts, if I have a few ideas for topics, I try to spread it out. Just in case I’m unable to post for a few days, or if I’m into a longer book and there is more time in between my reviews.
    Great topic for discussion, Kelsey!

  7. I have a schedule for blog tours but other than that I just post when I am done with the book. I have a question for you and anyone else , how do you feel about participating in blog tours? I currently do participate but I am starting to not enjoy them.

  8. Interesting question!! I don’t really have a schedule at all except for things that NEED a schedule. Like I do Book and a Beverage every Thursday but that’s because I have enough people interested to do it once a week. I have other features that I just do whenever I have a new topic. Obviously I stick to a schedule for blog tours, but every other post I just post at whim, whenever I have an open space! sometimes if I finish a post I love, I bump everything to post it sooner ;D

  9. I also just see posts whenever I have a chance to look through my reader, though I get the impression that having a fairly consistent schedule is more useful for the more casual readers that just stop by once or twice a week and want to know which days there will be content they want to read ya know? Of course it’s impossible to get a good idea of how many of those readers there actually are!

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