Meowbox Subscription Box Review

I keep seeing all these subscription boxes over the internet, and I haven’t really found a book one I wanted to try since I’m so picky. I loved the idea of the Barkbox, but I don’t own a dog and I reached out online asking for a cat one. Little did I know one existed, Meowbox! I talked with them and they even gave me a 10% coupon to use! So of course I went for it.


Shipping: First of all it came in a super cute box! It’s got their logo and looks professional. The price was pretty good too, it’s normally $32.95 CAD but with that discount they gave me I got it cheaper. The shipping in Canada was around 7$ or less so my whole order was less than 40$.


Customization: I love that they customize it for your kitty! I have two and they even asked for the age to make it a better match for them. There wasn’t an option for two different ages though, but I used Frannie’s.


The Goodies: It comes with a card inside describing all the goodies you get, and I was so excited to read it! There was a good amount of stuff in here and it definitely looked worth the value of the box and more.


The Best Part: Meowbox donates a can of food to a shelter for every box you get. I even got a tracking number for it! And of course my kitties loved all the toys, especially the little treats. Frannie is picky and she would actually run across the room to get some when I shook them. The brush is also amazing! It actually does help remove cat hair from fabric. And with picky kitties it’s so awesome. Fran doesn’t like her other brush, but she actually put her paw on my foot when I stopped so I had to continue. Emile won’t let me near him at all but maybe someday I’ll get the brush on him. They love the feather toy the most, they were actually fighting about it.


The Only Downside: I’m not sure I’m going to use the cat food included. My cats are picky eaters, but I’m going to pass it along or donate it so it helps another kitty out. 🙂 But they told me you can have an option where there’s no edibles and only toys, so I’m going to try that for the next one!

Verdict: I am going to get at least one other box (depending on finances maybe a few more), and I would definitely recommend this as a gift to others with kitties! I thought it was worth it and the cats love it. The customer service is also super fast and they are so nice.

If this is something you’d like to receive in the mail in the future, go to! You can also use the coupon  BOOKSHELF10 to get 10% off your first subscription box!


3 comments on “Meowbox Subscription Box Review

  1. Aw your kitties are adorable 😀 I love the idea of this box! My cats have this thing though, they don’t like playing with cat toys, but rolled up plastic bags, clothes pegs and straws seem to be the best things ever. Little weirdos lol

    If Meowbox ever decide to ship outside of the USA, UK and Canada I will totally give a box a go 🙂

    • Thank you! Oh, mine also love ping pong balls, I think it’s the way they bounce and the sound they make. You should try those too!

      It would be awesome if they shipped other places. I’m just glad I actually get something in Canada that isn’t super expensive! 🙂

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