Armchair BEA-Social Media

Armchair BEA

Since I couldn’t go to BEA yet again this year, I decided to participate in this, Armchair BEA! I haven’t done it before but I’ve seen it the past few years and it looked fun. 

Social Media

One of today’s topics is social media. I tend to only stick to only a couple social media sites. There’s so many out there these days but it would take so long to try every single one, see how you like it, then try and keep up with all of them. Some people can probably do that, but I’d rather try and master just a few.

So the main one I use is Twitter. It’s just so easy to communicate with others on there. Probably the best way to have a conversation honestly. I can interact with other bloggers and even authors and to me that’s just amazing! Twitter chats are an example of ways so many people can come together and just share their thoughts, meet other people and of course have fun.

The second one I use is Facebook. To be honest I’m not a big fan of it, but I do have a page because I know some people prefer to follow that way. I just don’t like the layout and it seems more impersonal to me. Also I had to turn off allowing people to post to my page because I kept getting authors spamming it with their book promotions and “buy my book” links. I still get messages about them asking to post to my page almost every day, and I’m pretty sure almost all of my followers are actually authors. I know some people love using it though, but Twitter is still my favourite.

Aside from those two I don’t really use much else. I’m not sure if Goodreads counts since I mostly just track reading progress on there, but I do use that one a lot. I’ve never had Instagram or Tumblr and I probably won’t get them. Technically I do have Pinterest but I never use it for my blog anymore. Here’s my links (they’re also on the right side near the top):


10 comments on “Armchair BEA-Social Media

  1. I LOVE Twitter chats, they’re seriously one of my favorite parts about Twitter and there’s generally at least one or two a month. They’re so much fun. ❤

    Haha, I've seen people spam other Facebook pages with that whole "Read/buy/review my book" before. That would definitely get annoying. I have a FB page, but it's not up to date. 😦 Since I always forget… I think GR could count! There's groups and message boards on there and you can share your blog posts in threads. 🙂

    • They are the best!
      Yeah it gets annoying, because they don’t realize it’s super rude to do that, and I even have it mentioned on my page I don’t accept that stuff. Yay! I’m glad Goodreads is one, that’s what I thought after a while so I included the link anyway. I don’t use it for groups but I do comment on what people read sometimes.

  2. Following you on twitter now 🙂 And I totally agree that mastering one social media site at a time is the least intimidating way to do it. That’s exactly what I did too.
    And FB is very annoying for spam. I get messages daily from authors but never read of them on there. I just click mark all as read.

    • Yay! I followed back 🙂
      Ugh I hate that too. You can also mark them as spam and even ban them from your page, it took me a while to figure out how to do both.

  3. I use Twitter the most out of my social media platforms, too. Gotta love those chats!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I use Facebook to join groups (fan groups for certain groups, event groups, etc.) and to follow some pages, but I don’t have a page myself. I try to stick with mastering just a few too, so adding Facebook to the sites I already use for my blog wouldn’t work for me. I don’t think I would be able to keep it updated enough.

    • I only update mine with my posts when they come out, I find that I never get any response when I try to post anything original on there. Don’t feel bad on not having a page, I think Twitter is more important for socializing.

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