Discussions with K: eReaders


I wanted a feature on my blog where I could discuss things with everyone, bookish and not. Feel free to join in and give your thoughts and opinions!


There’s always been a debate of whether eReaders are better than physical books. Which do you think is better? Which one do you find yourself reading more? Is there one brand of eReader you prefer?

I have to say that both books and eReaders have their pros and cons. Here’s my thoughts on both of them:

  • Books are so pretty and look amazing on a shelf. I just love the feel of holding one, and of course that new book smell! There’s just something about buying or getting physical books in the mail that ebooks can’t top. The only problem is they take up a lot of space. I have a huge bookshelf but I still have to be conscious of space.
  • eReaders are so lightweight and they can pretty much travel with you anywhere. If you’re going on vacation and don’t want to bring a pile of books it’s perfect, as long as you can recharge it. They do last wuite a while depending on the brand though. The ebooks can also be cheaper but if you’re like me, I don’t have colour on my device so I can’t appreciate the covers.

Even though eReaders are amazing, I still prefer reading from an actual book. Just the idea of holding it, flipping the pages and having in on my shelf make it the better way for me.

As for my favourite eReader? Definitely my Kindle. I’ve had too many problems with multiple Kobo’s over my blogging career. I’ve gone through 3 that have all crashed and broken down on me in a short amount of time. I even had one replaced and it did the same thing in less than a month.

Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! ❤

10 comments on “Discussions with K: eReaders

  1. Good points. 🙂

    I prefer my e-reader for actually reading. I like hoarding and collecting physical books and love the idea of having a big library. But in terms of the actual reading process, I like my Kindle more. It’s easier to hold, it barely takes up any space, it’s easy to take with me anywhere and I don’t have to worry about bringing a second/third book, and I love being able to highlight stuff (without ruining the book ;)).

    • For travel and the ease of holding I would totally prefer my Kindle! I read an almost 700 page book recently and my arms hurt after lol for that I would definitely go with the reader. That’s also why I prefer ARCs on digital, because I never know what to do after I read them. 🙂

  2. I can definitely relate to the lack of space on your shelf due to physical books. As much as I adore looking at them on there, I seriously NEED a bigger space to put them all at this point O.O That being said, I find that I’ll give priority to physical books, if only because they’re always in plain sight…that, and nothing beats the feel of a good book in your hands, like you said^^

    • I’m choose very carefully how many books I buy because I can’t add another shelf right now, so we have that in common! It has to be a series/author I love and something I will re-read eventually. But you’re right, I do love looking at them on my shelf 🙂

  3. I have never owned a Kobo and I have so many ebooks on my Amazon account now that it will be a pain to switch eReaders. I’m glad you prefer Kindle cause now I now I’m not missing much not having a Kobo! As for reading…I actually prefer reading from an ereader better. I think it’s because it’s lighter and a lot easier to carry around. I love physical books though, these days I tend to only buy the books I love but nothing beats that paper smell!

    • Yes stick with your Kindle lol. Lots of people love Kobo but I’ve had too many problems with the devices. EReaders are definitely handy for taking somewhere, and I’m picky with what I buy for my shelf too.

  4. I definitely prefer real books, BUT I’ve started having a book on my ereader for when we’re going out somewhere, an audiobook on my phone, and then a physical book for at home. They’re really great for travel! And yeah, I love my Kindle. I think what bothers me about Kobo is what a pain it is to load books onto them. And mine would ALWAYS freeze up and crash. I’ve had two so far. I’ve given one to my mom and she likes it no problem, but then my brother does all the loading of books onto it for her, so she just has to read them. lol. LOVE my Kindle Paperwhite!

    • Yay for the Kindle! Mine would crash constantly while reading! One even gave me a white screen and never worked after that. The kindle I can just send it on wifi and it’s there super fast. 😀

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