Review: The Complete Grimm Chronicles by Isabella Fontaine and Ken Brosky


Title: The Complete Grimm Chronicles
Author: Isabella Fontaine, Ken Brosky
Release Date/Publisher: April 28th 2015
Finished: May 20th 2015
Pages: 2000+-eBook-given for review
1. Prince Charming Must Die!
2. Happily Never After
3. Revenge of the Castle Cats
4. The Orphanage of Doom
5. Blood and Thunder
6. The Order of the Golden Dragon
7. The Giant Slayer
8. Darkness Rising
9. Malevolence
10. The Black Towers
11. A Dance With Death, Part One
12. A Dance With Death, Part Two

Synopsis from Goodreads:

This is the COMPLETE collection of the award-winning Young Adult adventure series!

200 years ago, the Brothers Grimm unleashed their stories upon the world. With the stroke of a magic pen and a deal with a malevolent force of evil, they forever changed humanity’s fate.

Now the characters of the Grimms’ fairy tales walk among us. With every day that passes, they grow more evil. They are the Corrupted, and only a hero can stop them.

This is the story of Alice Goodenough, the last in a long line of heroes who have bravely given their lives to snuff out the evil force that does not belong in this planet. Her story begins during summer vacation, when she happens upon a magic pen and an invisible rabbit  named Br’er who is tasked with teaching her the ways of the hero. With the help of the magic pen, Alice must vanquish the terrible creations of the Brothers Grimm, relying on her dreams to guide her to her next target. Cinderella. Fundevogel. A fisherman. An evil wizard. A trio of dwarves hellbent on controlling the world. But to become a great hero, Alice must give up her old life so that she may protect those she loves most. Otherwise, evil will find her.

And evil will kill her.

This book contains all 12 episodes of the series, as well as the bonus “Lost diaries” of previous heroes and all of the collected Grimm’s  Fairy Tales … over 2,000 pages collected in one edition!

What I Thought:

When I saw this it sounded really good and I knew I had to read it! It’s hard to read something so big with so many books in it and review it though. So I tried to summarize my thoughts as best I could. I kept notes for each individual book that I read but that would have been too long to add here.

Th series starts out pretty interesting and I loved the concept of the Grimm characters coming to life and being evil. The hero has to hunt them down and kill them with a special pen, which I really liked. The pen has its limitations but the book described that pretty well.

Unfortunately this series started out with some problems already with the first few books (mostly the first) having spelling and grammar mistakes. They were really distracting and I wish they would have been caught and fixed, especially since this is a final copy. And I don’t mean a few, I remember there being quite a lot of them. Also Briar was kind of really annoying with the way he spoke. I never really had a problem with Alice, she was a strong character and I liked her personality.

I thought it was getting better as I read but certain parts dip back again which frustrated me. The extra diaries between books were well done though and I liked seeing other heroes from the past. I don’t normally read a series consecutively so I did have other books between these ones. And while I did have it for a while, 12 books is a lot to get done for one review, even if they’re shorter.

Another thing that annoyed me was the constant mention of what people are wearing. I just found that it was so overdone. I don’t need paragraphs every time she changes describing each item, I usually imagine random clothing for people anyway. I know other books have it but not this much, and by that I mean there was a whole paragraph devoted to describing one sweater. I ended up skipping a whole page because I didn’t care what she had on. To me that’s just filler and not needed at all. Also at the end of chapters things would be foreshadowed, like “if only I had known” which made no sense with the writing so far. Once in a while is okay but in book 5 for instance it happens a lot. Sometimes it was like she was writing in a journal (which I gathered she was supposed to be), other times it was as if it was just an account from a narrator far off. You can’t just switch like that. Another thing was her last name “Goodenough” as in “Good enough”. I don’t know why but it really bugged me.

This book series had its ups and downs with me. I liked some things, but then many things would bother me or I’d wonder why they were even added. I know I could be seen as being too picky, but when there are so many annoying things I just can’t go on anymore. I’m normally not this critical of books but it just builds in this series. Unfortunately that’s why I had to DNF it after the 5th book. It just wasn’t capturing me anymore and I kept not wanting to go back and read it. I might try and finish the rest of the books someday, but for now I don’t want to. I encourage people to give it a try though, maybe you’ll fall in love with it where I couldn’t.



6 comments on “Review: The Complete Grimm Chronicles by Isabella Fontaine and Ken Brosky

  1. What a bummer that this didn’t live up to what you’d hoped it would be. I like the idea of getting to read the whole series at once, and different takes on the Grimm tales always have potential, but I can totally see why you had to let this one go. Maybe with better editing throughout this could have been stronger!

  2. Boo. Spelling and grammar mistakes are the worst. I can let go a few mistakes here and there, but I hate it when they become a huge distraction in a book. I do love the idea of Grimm fairytales, though … I always love fairytales that are darker than the Disney-fied versions.

    • Usually if I notice a few I don’t mind either, and even though this had a bunch I kept reading anyway. The writing was just inconsistent and lots of little frustrations.The idea of the book was awesome, it just needed more editing.

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