Review: Novellas #1

I used to review novellas on their own but it was hard to write a full review for a shorter book. So I’m going to combine a few here with short reviews of each instead! I read all of these during the 24 Hour Readathon in April 2015.

old bloodOld Blood (Experiment in Terror 5.5)

Author: Karina Halle
Publisher/Release Date: June 23rd 2012 by Metal Blonde Books
Pages: 111-eBook-Bought
Finished: April 25th 2015
My Rating: 4/5


  • I liked getting to see more of Pippa in this one and learn about her life before she died.
  • Some parts felt a bit slow to me and I had trouble keeping my attention on it sometimes, but it was worth the read in the end and had a ton of info that I’d been wondering.
  • Definitely a good addition if you want to know more background for this series and the lady who has been following Perry and Dex around.

huntHunt (Wildcats 0.5)

Author: Rachel Vincent
Publisher/Release Date: October 20th 2014
Pages: 49-eBook-Bought
Finished: April 25th 2015
My Rating: 4.5/5


  • Loved getting back into this world! It set up the new series really well.
  • Shorter than I expected but it got the message across and introduced an older Abby that I want to read more about.
  • Also had a preview of the next full novel which was great!

forever afterForever After (Ever After 1.5)

Author: Linda Poitevin
Publisher/Release Date: February 12th 2015 by Michem Publishing
Pages: 77-eBook-Given for review
Finished: April 25th 2015
My Rating: 5/5


  • This was about Gwynn and Gareth’s wedding. There was conflict going on with the planning, paparazzi, and of course some cute romance. I loved all of it.
  • It was so sweet and brought me back to thinking of my own wedding.
  • And of course it made me excited to read the next book after that ending!

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