Review: Future Perfect by Jen Larsen

future perfect

Title: Future Perfect
Author: Jen Larsen
Release Date/Publisher: October 6th 2015 by HarperTeen
Finished: September 21st 2015
Pages: 320-ARC eBook-Given for review

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Every year on her birthday, Ashley Perkins gets a card from her grandmother—a card that always contains a promise: lose enough weight, and I will buy your happiness.

Ashley doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with the way she looks, but no amount of arguing can persuade her grandmother that “fat” isn’t a dirty word—that Ashley is happy with her life, and her body, as it is.
But Ashley wasn’t counting on having her dreams served up on a silver platter at her latest birthday party. She falters when Grandmother offers the one thing she’s always wanted: tuition to attend Harvard University—in exchange for undergoing weight loss surgery.

As Ashley grapples with the choice that little white card has given her, she feels pressured by her friends, her family, even administrators at school. But what’s a girl to do when the reflection in her mirror seems to bother everyone but her?

Through her indecisions and doubts, Ashley’s story is a liberating one—a tale of one girl, who knows that weight is just a number, and that no one is completely perfect.

What I Thought:

I received a free advanced review copy of this in exchange for an honest review on Edelweiss.

This book was a mix of like and dislike for me. I enjoyed parts of it, but then other parts bugged and even pissed me off.

The main thing that bugged me was her grandmother and the cards she gave her. What would you do if someone gave you a card each birthday bribing you to lose weight? That’s pretty much calling someone fat, and it would be hurtful. What I didn’t like the most about that was that her grandmother either didn’t notice or care how it made Ashley feel. That really pissed me off, especially with all the pressure she was already under.

Ashley was an interesting character, but also got on my nerves. She’s such an angry person, and I felt that anger as I read. Props to the author for getting that across, but I had to settle myself down a few times as I read. She also had a great boyfriend who seemed like such a good guy, but she didn’t treat him very well.

I really liked both of her friends though. They were probably my favourite thing about this book. They were both so different, but they understood and were there for Ashley. If they had their own book I would definitely read them.

This book was average for me, with things I liked and didn’t. I appreciated the message at the end, but that couldn’t alter my review of the whole book. If you read it let me know!

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2 comments on “Review: Future Perfect by Jen Larsen

  1. I’m on the fence on whether or not I want to read this one. It looks good, but the whole grandma thing would tick me off. Frankly, if I had someone like that in my life, I’d probably write them off. I think that’s why I liked Dumpin’ … it’s about being comfortable in your skin. Good review!

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