October News

It’s been a while since I did one of these! A lot of stuff has happened over the Summer and Fall.
One is that my kitty Frannie passed away in July. She was really sick one morning and we took her in to the vet and there was just too much going on and no guarantee she was going to make it. So she went to sleep, I didn’t want her to suffer. We still miss her, but I know that she had a good life after we took her in and she didn’t have to survive outside anymore.



We could never replace Frannie, but we did decide to adopt another kitty eventually and add to our family. We wanted to give Emile a companion, but we also wanted to help another stray kitty have a good life like we did for Frannie and Emile. So we adopted Nutella (we didn’t name her, but I kind of love it). She’s around the same age as Emile, and has warmed up to everyone in the house. She loves attention too and I think she likes having a home and getting cuddles.



I also managed to get a full time job! In case you’ve noticed on social media, I’m not around as much. Mainly because the bus rides I take to and from work take forever! On the way home it’s 4 buses and an hour and a half. But I do still find time to read and I’m working on balancing everything. And I do like my job! Hopefully I can make a schedule and get back into blog commenting on a regular basis.

In August my blog celebrated 4 years (which I forgot to do a post for)! And next week (the 12th) I celebrate my first year anniversary with my hubby. So it’s been an eventful few months.  Hopefully the next few are even better!


2 comments on “October News

  1. Oh Kelsey, I am so, so sorry to hear about Frannie 😦 She was a sweetheart and so very special but you should be proud that you gave her her forever home and that she was loved and well taken care of with you all! They can never be replaced but I am glad that you adopted sweet little Nutella and that she’s been adjusting well to her new home ♥ Congrats on the new full-time job, on the 4-year blogoversary AND on the anniversary with the hubby! Many happy returns xxxx

  2. So sad to hear about Frannie. 😦 Hopefully my kitties sought her out … we had the same issue with our one cat who ran away a few months ago. She just wasn’t going to push through her issues and it was super costly. It’s so sad.

    Oh my goodness … Nutella! Super cute! Love the name. 🙂 And yay for the job! I hope you’re enjoying it!

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