Review: Noggin by John Corey Whaley


Title: Noggin
Author: John Corey Whaley
Release Date/Publisher: April 8th 2014 by Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Finished: June 17th 2015
Pages: 352-Hardcover-Library

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Listen — Travis Coates was alive once and then he wasn’t.

Now he’s alive again.

Simple as that.

The in between part is still a little fuzzy, but he can tell you that, at some point or another, his head got chopped off and shoved into a freezer in Denver, Colorado. Five years later, it was reattached to some other guy’s body, and well, here he is. Despite all logic, he’s still 16 and everything and everyone around him has changed. That includes his bedroom, his parents, his best friend, and his girlfriend. Or maybe she’s not his girlfriend anymore? That’s a bit fuzzy too.

Looks like if the new Travis and the old Travis are ever going to find a way to exist together, then there are going to be a few more scars.

Oh well, you only live twice.

What I Thought:

I got this one since it was a Book Club read for the month of June. This probably wouldn’t have been a book I would have picked out normally, but I have to say that after reading the description I was really interested.

It started out great and I loved seeing Travis try to adjust after coming back to life. Everything had changed, yet some things were still so familiar. He had trouble understanding that the time had passed and kept wishing things were like they used to be, especially with Cate and Kyle. He chats with another survivor and they would form such a great support connection for each other.

Unfortunately after he finally meets Cate he becomes obsessed with winning her back. Even though she’s older and with someone else now, he just doesn’t give up. I can understand him fight for it, but sometimes I wished he would just let it go and concentrate on his new life. The whole focus of the book shifts over to that, and everything else gets dropped for Cate for a while. He made a new friend and we barely hear about him for a bunch of chapters. I felt bad for Travis. To him like he just saw her yesterday and he won’t admit to the fact that he lost his girlfriend.

It did have some pretty good humour and I was still absorbed into it. The ending made up for a good part of it, but his obsession and one thing he does was a little much for me, he was only hurting her more. I didn’t go in thinking it was mostly going to be a romance though, and they never talk about hardly any of the science that could have been involved in his revival, which would have been awesome!

A pretty good book that I did enjoy, but won’t be re-reading in the future. It needed a little more of the science-fiction and less romance.

SinglePawPurple SinglePawPurpleSinglePawPurple


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