Anne and Kristilyn’s Book Bingo Reading Challenge


This is hosted by Anne from Creativity’s Corner and Kristilyn from Reading in Winter! I will edit the scorecard as I go throughout the year, and list what books I read!



Books Read:

B-I-N-G-O Across, 1-5 Down

  • Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier (B1)
  • Sapphire Blue (B2)
  • Wings of Arian (B2)
  • Falling Kingdoms (B3)
  • Takedown (B3)
  • Incarnate by Jodi Meadows (B3)
  • A Witch in Winter (B4)
  • A Witch In Love (B4)
  • A Witch Alone (B4)
  • Onyx (B4)
  • Wings of Tavea (I1)
  • Word and Deed (I2)
  • Boundless (I2)
  • First Visions (I3)
  • Article 5 (I3)
  • Dark Triumph (I3)
  • With All My Soul (I4)
  • Imaginable (I4)
  • What The Spell (I4)
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon #11 (I4)
  • The Mackenzie Legacy (I5)
  • Siege and Storm (I5)
  • The 5th Wave (I5)
  • Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend (I5)
  • Wings of Nestor (I5)
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 9 (N1)
  • Dark Tide (N2)
  • Poison (N2)
  • Pretty Girl-13 (N4)
  • Scarlet (N4)
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon #10 (N4)
  • When the Stars Threw Down Their Spears (N4)
  • Life After Theft (N5)
  • In The Shadow of Blackbirds (N5)
  • Towering (N5)
  • The Ruining (N5)
  • A Midsummer’s Nightmare (N5)
  • Cinder (G1)
  • The Truth About Forever (G2)
  • Meant to Be (G2)
  • Lock & Key (G3)
  • Just Listen (G3)
  • Along for the Ride (G3)
  • I Hunt Killers (G4)
  • Gilt (G4)
  • Burn for Burn (G4)
  • Enchanted by Alethea Kontis (G4)
  • Sins of the Angels (G5)
  • Sins of the Son (G5)
  • Dragon Bound (G5)
  • Storm’s Heart (G5)
  • Code Name Verity (G5)
  • Bitten (O1)
  • Stolen (O2)
  • Dime Store magic (O2)
  • Industrial Magic (O3)
  • Haunted (O3)
  • Broken (O3)
  • Throne of Glass (O4)
  • No Humans Involved (O4)
  • Personal Demon (O4)
  • Obsidian (O4)

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