Review: Unfed by Kirsty McKay


Title: Unfed (Undead #2)

Author: Kirsty McKay

Release Date/Publisher: August 27th 2013 by Chicken House

Finished: October 19th 2013

Pages: 288-Hardcover-Library


  1. Undead
  2. Unfed


Just when you think you’re out…it’s the morning after the night of the return of the living dead. Or something like that. After running/bus-driving/snowboarding for her life alongside rebel Smitty, geeky Pete, and popular Alice, Bobby thought she’d found the antidote to the Carrot Man Veggie Juice that had turned the rest of their classmates into zombies. When Smitty (mmm…nom, nom) got chomped, Bobby pumped a syringe full of it into him herself.

But now Bobby’s a prisoner in some hospital of horrors, with no clue how she got there. And Smitty is missing. What if he isn’t cured after all? Bobby knows she’s got to find him, even if it means facing Scotland’s hungry hordes — plus Alice’s buckets of snark — again. And this time, zombies aren’t the only evil stressing her out. The brain-dead are bad enough, but how can Bobby stop the big pharma business behind the epidemic? Especially when her own mom works for the company?

What I thought:

And it is finally time to continue this series! If you love zombie books and want some added action and humour then check this series out, it’s pretty fun!

This continues right after the first book, with them on the bus. And just like the first book, this one involves a lot of running around and not much of a rest for our characters. The lulls and relaxation periods were spaced far enough apart, so it really ramps up your adrenaline while reading. The added clue following and puzzle solving to find certain missing characters was interesting, although I thought they were pretty lucky to happen to come across a few things.

The zombies have changed a bit in this too. They are like an upgraded version that can actually do more things, which I won’t say but it’s an added bonus for sure. I was hoping for a little more one-on-one zombie action though. The ending finally wraps some things up and it was some pretty awesome stuff too. The ending wasn’t a cliff-hanger but it was kind of left open. Either for a continuation or just for your own imagination I don’t know, but I didn’t mind actually.

While I did like this book, I don’t think I liked it as much as the first. It’s a great choice for October or for anyone wanting their zombie fix!


Review: Undead by Kirsty McKay

Title: Undead (Undead #1)

Author: Kirsty McKay

Release Date/Publisher: September 1st 2012 by The Chicken House

Finished: November 29th 2012

Pages: 272-Hardcover-Library


  1. Undead
  2. Unfed


Out of sight, out of their minds: It’s a school-trip splatter fest and completely not cool when the other kids in her class go all braindead on new girl Bobby.

The day of the ski trip, when the bus comes to a stop at a roadside restaurant, everyone gets off and heads in for lunch. Everyone, that is, except Bobby, the new girl, who stays behind with rebel-without-a-clue Smitty.

Then hours pass. Snow piles up. Sun goes down. Bobby and Smitty start to flirt. Start to stress. Till finally they see the other kids stumbling back.

But they’ve changed. And not in a good way. Straight up, they’re zombies. So the wheels on the bus better go round and round freakin’ fast, because that’s the only thing keeping Bobby and Smitty from becoming their classmates’ next meal. It’s kill or be killed in these hunger games, heads are gonna roll, and homework is most definitely gonna be late.

Combining the chill of THE SHINING, the thrill ride of SPEED, the humor of SHAUN OF THE DEAD, and the angst of THE BREAKFAST CLUB, Kirsty McKay’s UNDEAD is a bloody mad mash-up, a school-trip splatter-fest, a funny, gory, frighteningly good debut!

What I thought:

The first thing that drew me in was the cover. I heard it was about zombies, but the whole cheerleader with an ax in winter was definitely interesting! This book was lots of fun too. Of course it has the creepy zombies chasing people for dinner, but it’s wasn’t over the top or gruesome either, so I think even those who aren’t too fond of the genre may like this. There were funny/comedic moments too so that it wasn’t an intense drama-kind of zombie book, but there’s also some mystery involved and of course survival. The mystery actually talks about who may have done it, who started the thing that made the zombies appear.

The main character is Bobby, a girl who was born in England, moved to the US, then just moved back to England shortly before this book. She goes on a trip before school starts, and on the way back things completely change. People die and come back to life and it starts with her classmates.

The teens that are stuck together for this book are completely different in personality too so you’ll never see a dull moment in this. There’s the cheerleader who’s kind of a snob, Pete the geeky guy who also seems to be a know-it-all, and Smitty who is the bad boy who seems to have another side to him. They do meet others on their journey eventually too, but they’re not the main focus points as much.

The survival part I mentioned before in this book was really good too. They aren’t in one place for long and have to constantly move because of the zombies, so this keeps the action going and you’ll just want to keep reading and find out what happens to them next. I was really busy the week I read this (new job) so I had to put it down a lot unfortunately. The mystery of who might have been involved and what was going on came together well too in this, and the ending was awesome because you can tell it’s going to pick up right away into the action.

I’m really looking forward to when the next book is out!  If you’re a zombie fan or wanting something fun to read go pick this up!


Review: Partials by Dan Wells

Title: Partials (Partials Sequence #1)

Author: Dan Wells

Release Date: February 228th, 2012

Published by: Balzer + Bray

Read: March 25, 2012

Pages: 472


  1. Partials
  2. Fragments
  3. Ruins


Humanity is all but extinguished after a war with Partials—engineered organic beings identical to humans—has decimated the world’s population. Reduced to only tens of thousands by a weaponized virus to which only a fraction of humanity is immune, the survivors in North America have huddled together on Long Island. The threat of the partials is still imminent, but, worse, no baby has been born immune to the disease in over a decade. Humanity’s time is running out.

When sixteen-year-old Kira learns of her best friend’s pregnancy, she’s determined to find a solution. Then one rash decision forces Kira to flee her community with the unlikeliest of allies. As she tries desperately to save what is left of her race, she discovers that the survival of both humans and Partials rests in her attempts to answer questions of the war’s origin that she never knew to ask.

Combining the fast-paced action of The Hunger Games with the provocative themes of Battlestar Galactica, Partials is a pulse-pounding journey into a world where the very concept of what it means to be human is in question—one where our sense of humanity is both our greatest liability, and our only hope for survival.

What I thought:

I haven’t read a good sci-fi book in a while, and this was definitely good. The beginning was a bit slow for me, but I think that was because I just finished reading a really good book, and didn’t give myself a break before diving into this one.

Kira lives in a world where most of humanity has died from a virus called RM. She has devoted herself to working as a medic and wants to help with the cause of finding a cure. No babies have been born in over 10 years, they die shortly after birth. So the Senate of the city has a Hope Act in place, where anyone over a certain age must become pregnant, in order to see if they can have a baby that survives. Because of this act, a rebel group called the Voice is trying to bring down the Senate.

Things get to the point where the age goes down again, one of Kira’s friends gets pregnant, and her only option is to leave the city in hope of finding a Partial, the ones held responsible for releasing the RM. She wants to capture one and study them, but finding them first is the hard part. No one has seen a Partial since the war.

I won’t give away the story, but there is a lot of adventure, risk taking and fun involved. I definitely liked Kira, how she wouldn’t give up trying to help others, even when she finds out what’s really happening behind the scenes.

It’s a Sci-fi/Dystopian blend set in an Apocalyptic world after a crazy war that wipes out almost everyone. It’s a larger book to get trough, at almost 500 pages, but it does not disappoint!