Review: Unbreakable by Kami Garcia

Kami Garcia/Unbreakable

Title: Unbreakable (The Legion #1)

Author: Kami Garcia 

Release Date/Publisher: October 1st 2013 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Finished: November 16th 2013

Pages: 320-Hardcover-Library


  1. Unbreakable
  2. Unbound


I never believed in ghosts. Until one tried to kill me.

When Kennedy Waters finds her mother dead, her world begins to unravel. She doesn’t know that paranormal forces in a much darker world are the ones pulling the strings. Not until identical twins Jared and Lukas Lockhart break into Kennedy’s room and destroy a dangerous spirit sent to kill her. The brothers reveal that her mother was part of an ancient secret society responsible for protecting the world from a vengeful demon — a society whose five members were all murdered on the same night.

Now Kennedy has to take her mother’s place in the Legion if she wants to uncover the truth and stay alive. Along with new Legion members Priest and Alara, the teens race to find the only weapon that might be able to destroy the demon — battling the deadly spirits he controls every step of the way.

What I thought:

All of the ghosts that we meet were awesome and some quite dangerous too. Like the one with the doll *shudders*. The fights and weapons were really cool. These were the best parts of the book, the rest of it blah or unnecessary.

Kennedy is very wimpy throughout the book, which was understandable at first since she’s never been near this stuff before. But I really felt like she needed to try and stand up a bit more as it went on and I was kind of bored by her. I liked her ability to remember things exactly and her artistic talent seemed to come in handy a lot too but she wasn’t anything extraordinary and it could have been played on a lot more.

The thing that killed this book was the romance. It was just thrown in your face. I mean, twins that are both cute but she likes both? Of course she falls fast for the brooding one who has issues too, which was predictable. She’s only known them for a few days on top of that. I’m not really liking that love triangles are used so much these days, and the fact that both twins like her immediately was way too fast and not at all believable. It’s not like she’s the only girl on the planet, you know? The ending felt a bit rushed and the story in general could have used more substance (and way more ghost hunting).

So the romance I could have really done without and actually it could have not existed at all and I think the book would have been way better. The ghosts and all the paranormal stuff that goes on was good and really the only reason I liked this book as much as I did. I won’t be reading the next book.

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